‘I Don’t Love You’ by My Chemical Romance and How It Stole My Heart

My review of MCR’s power ballad, ‘I Don’t Love You’.<3


Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’ Takes Us For a Ride ♥

Hey guys, Heeeerre I am with my second time doing this blog, and this time around I have a very special, FAMOUS and rather dazzling star to talk about. With Eccentricity as her middle name, here’s my section with Lady Gaga and her new single, ‘Bad Romance’ from her latest album, ‘Fame Monster’. To get…

‘Use Somebody’ by Kings Of Leon: The Reason To Love

Heyyy, I’m just posting my old notes and reviews before making new ones; I want to get it all sorted into my lunatic of a mind, so here goes… Today, we’ll start with ‘Use Somebody’ by Kings Of Leon. Heard it yet? Its as different as Jimi Hendrix’s guitar playing style and is perfectly signature…