I’m Ridz, perhaps the most fanatical music encyclopedia that you will ever know. One bright, and pretty humid morning, I awoke to realise that my vast knowledge of the musical world is pretty useless if it just sits in my head. Yes, I do let it wallow in its own pool of glory so perfectly pedestalized by my own brain, that I’m vain to the point of making a mirror crack…but it really isn’t enough. What would do it justice, is to spread it. Spread it far and wide over the wonderous tool that is the Internet, and let it seep into NEW brains. Brains that NEED to be educated on the matters of the musical world, past present and future.

The title ‘Midnight Heartbeat’ came to me after much pondering on how to describe that I stay awake past midnight every night so that I may be able to expose myself to the thoughts and dreams that appear in my highly imagination-stuffed brain, while Alicia Keys or The Scorpions croon into my ears ballads immersed in love and magic. Midnight is the only time I can escape the nagging of daily life and my cute but irritating little brother so that I may listen to new tracks on the charts and place my thoughts on them or relay back and forth and compare them to tracks of the past. I am constantly doing this. I fear silence. I feel that a world without music, no matter what kind you like, would be a horrific world. I’d feel alone, sad, abandoned… as if I were in a box with walls closing in on me, suffocating me, burning me, smoking me like salmon.

Then I realized I am never without a beat. Never without a tune. Never without a melody to guide me.

You are forever with the drum that never skips a beat… your heart. Beating, pulsing blood into you, the very source of your life, your being, your song… Your heart. As long as you live, you are NEVER alone. Music, literally, lives deep within you.You never need fear the silence.The silence fears the music of your heart.Let it beat into the darkness of midnight, and make it a beautiful thing. A thing to rejoice in. A thing to revel in. You’ve always had it in you. Just let come through and channel itself in your smile. Hey, it’s what I do. :)

So, I’m here to take you on a bit of a journey. Away from your problems, your nagging relatives and friends and your issues. I’m here to show you a bit of my midnight and the thoughts and dreams and ideas that flow through my entire being when a song fills my head. I’m here to make your heart sing.


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