Touch the stars, Ziggy Stardust

Yesterday on January 10th 2016, we lost glam-rock legend David Bowie to cancer and it is a loss that will weigh heavy on us all.


Life is funny sometimes. My previous post celebrated the release of ‘Lazarus’ and the excitement around the just-released ‘★’ (Blackstar), as well as Bowie’s energy and genius that shone through in the music. Today however, ‘★’ became Bowie’s last album.

One of the greatest icons of the music industry, Bowie revolutionized rock, pioneered new genres and styles within rock while also taking the world of fashion and glamour by storm. Whether it was makeup, high-heels, androgyny, strange costumes or alter-egos, Bowie did it all first.  With 1972’s The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars, Bowie launched a 40-year-long career in music and film during which he released 25 studio albums, the latest and final being  ‘★’. It is pretty incredible that his last album and the album that shot him to fame both have a ‘star’ in the title, because there is probably no better way to describe him.


Personally while I have always been fascinated with Bowie, I had never completely understood him until recently. It sounds silly I know, but when the news of ‘★’’s release came out, it prompted me to revisit his previous albums to make a comparison. I started going through each record and fell madly in love with both Ziggy Stardust and the Thin White Duke.


I came to realize just how much influence he had in the art that has gone into music since he entered the industry and how much he inspired.


It was a massive shock to come into the office this morning and hear from a colleague of his passing. I felt as though I had just begun to understand his music and it’s so strange that now is when he had to go. However it is better to celebrate his life and the music he gave us. I am going to spend today listening to all his albums and falling even further in love.

Photo: Mick Rockweb

Thank you for teaching us so much about the art of music, David Bowie. You will always be a hero of the music industry.


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