Sex, tongue and rock and roll with The 1975

The 1975 have been close to my heart ever since I heard their EP Music for Cars which featured the infectious track ‘Chocolate’. I had previously said in a post that this band was made for great things, and it was definitely one of my most accurate predictions. The 1975 have made me and every single other fan of theirs proud in the last two years with the way they have been doing their best to bring back indie and alternative rock.

Their upcoming new album I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It was rumoured to be extremely different from their EPs and their debut album The 1975, a rumour that has been somewhat confirmed by the two tracks ‘Love Me’ and ‘UGH!’ released so far. Both tracks have a more Eighties synth-pop vibe to them which I am absolutely in love with. The video for ‘Love Me’ is a neon ridicule of celebrity pop-culture the world revolves around and is a breath of fresh air in the genre-dead airspace of many radio stations. Lead singer Matty Healy channels his inner androgynous rockstar and is so deliciously crazy it makes you fall in love with him.

Matty Healy in ‘Love Me’

‘UGH!’ seems to be a follow up of sorts with the same neon theme and an occasionally shirtless Matty Healy. There is also a gorgeous rasp in his voice that shows us a little more of his vocal range while giving me goosebumps. ‘UGH!’ is also more futuristic than the video for ‘Love Me’, with giant screens and pillars flashing lights and silhouetting the band beautifully. It does remind me a little of early Maroon 5, there is a signature darkness to the lyrics and video that is purely The 1975.

They are deliciously sexy, bold talented and unapologetic; all the ingredients for the perfect rock band. I love their vibrant #pinkisthenewblack transformation which is keeping me and all other fans hooked while getting new listeners and viewers interested. Like everyone else, I can’t wait to see what they do next.


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