Blame it on the Pop

DJ Earworm’s annual ‘United State of Pop’ is pretty much either hit or miss each year. I don’t know if it is because music has changed so much or whether the mash-ups in general are not so great, but after 2009’s ‘Blame it on the Pop’, the mash-ups have failed to impress both me and a lot of people if you go by views on YouTube.

If you don’t know what DJ Earworm’s ‘United State of Pop’ is, here is a little blast from the past to give you a bit of an orientation:

While the 2009 mash-up is still my favourite and I don’t think anything could top it, 2015-surprisingly-did not disappoint. Featuring 50 of the biggest songs this year, 2015’s mash-up ’50 Shades of Pop’ is definitely better than most of its predecessors.

I’m not very fond of Taylor Swift’s music, so it was slightly annoying to see her popping up so much and each video so close together, but in general I loved the inclusion of that many songs.

Photo by Damon Baker

The mash-up’s tone also completely changes in its second half to include the slower hits of the year and I got very excited to see Sam Smith, Adele and Fall Out Boy.

However Daniel Kim’s ‘Pop Danthology’ really takes the cake this year. Not only does he have a wider range of artists, he also has a better flow and storyline that joins the lyrics and videos of the songs together. There is still a lot of Taylor Swift because she had so many video releases in 2015, but the editing is much better than DJ Earworm’s. He’s also done it in two parts and I do prefer part 2 a tiiiny bit more.

Which mash-up was your favourite? Do you have a better one I can check out? And most importantly: how many songs and artists featured in the above videos?  Let me know in the comments below!


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