Who is BØRNS?

This question was the first thing that came to my mind when I came across him on Interscope Records’ Twitter. He sounds like he belongs to another generation, flitting between an 80’s electro-pop vibe and a 70’s island sound, culminating into something that is the embodiment of California. If Lana Del Rey were male, she would be BØRNS.

image: betsy newman for 72u/mashable

Although Garret Borns had released hist first EP titled Candy in 2014, it pains me that he remained relatively unknown until 2015. Candy is absolutely genius and makes me wish I had discovered it the day it released. Similarities are constantly drawn between BØRNS and artists like MGMT, Marina and the Diamonds, Zella Day and of course Lana Del Rey. He also has an alternative vibe that reminds me of The 1975 and the Arctic Monkeys.

One of my favourites from Candy is ‘10,000 Emerald Pools’ which has a 70’s vibe I can’t get over. It reminds me a little of UB40 and definitely invokes a sense of nostalgia. It gives you a high without having to be on drugs with its infectious island beat, and all you want to do is sit down by a pool with a drink and listen to this track all day long.

He also clearly did incredible upside down under-water visuals way before ‘Runnin’ by Naughty Boy feat. Beyonce.

image: www.npr.org
image: npr.org

I am extremely glad his debut album Dopamine is getting him the attention he so rightfully deserves. Dopamine dropped on 16th October 2015 and in addition to astounding new tracks, it also contains songs from Candy like ‘Electric Love’, ‘Past Lives’ and ‘10,000 Emerald Pools’. Producers who worked on Lana Del Rey’s Born to Die and Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (two extremely successful alternative albums) have worked with BØRNS on Dopamine and the critical reception is phenomenal with the album getting 4/5 stars or more from almost every music publication there is.

After dropping the video for ‘Electric Love’, BØRNS has been gaining a steady amount of fans and views on YouTube, although not nearly as much as music this good SHOULD have.

BØRNS is unique, brilliant, a lyrical genius and definitely an artist to watch, so please check out and buy his music. It is more than worth it.


You can purchase Dopamine on iTunes here.

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