Why Troye Sivan Drives Me Wild

Over this last week I have been completely and utterly obsessed with Troye Sivan’s new EP Wild. What I adore about him is how unexpectedly deep his singing voice is. He’s young, gorgeous and slim with the most cherubic face I’ve seen in a long time. But his voice… His voice is deep, smooth and almost breathy in places. It sounds like a different person completely but it seems to suit him, this unique contrast between his look and voice.


I’ve never been much of a follower of Troye the YouTuber, but I am definitely in love with Troye the Musician. His sound is a mix of indie and electropop with a touch of EDM in certain songs. The single ‘Happy Little Pill’ from his first EP TRXYE is what initially got me hooked to this Aussie sensation, and there’s definitely something addictive about his music; it induces dream-like experiences and images when one closes their eyes and I always feel like I’m about to fly when I listen to him sing. While TRXYE was a thing of beauty, Wild is a masterpiece.

Troye has released a gorgeous video for the title track ‘Wild’ and it is the first of a series of  three videos for the album. The second and upcoming video is the one for the track ‘Fools’ and Troye has shared a teaser on his YouTube channel:

You can listen to the entire song on his Vevo channel, where he has released the lyric videos for the tracks ‘Bite’, ‘Ease ft Broods’, ‘Wild’ and ‘The Quiet’ in addition to ‘Fools’. My current favourite track ‘DKLA’ ft Tkay Maidza does not have a lyric video as yet but Troye has posted a video teaser which is driving me wild (haha).

There is definitely more maturity in the Wild EP in comparison to TRXYE; whether it’s the subject matter of the songs, the visual elements involved in every video and piece of artwork or the music itself, it all seems to come together beautifully and with immense emotion. I also love that Troye has stated that all the songs are ‘about boys’ and his personal experiences as he’s grown up. It’s almost easy to forget he’s only twenty years old when you’re listening to the EP because there is darkness and complications that you would expect from someone much older.


Wild is sexy and frightening with tracks like ‘Bite’ and ‘DKLA’ while also being soothing and hopeful with ‘Ease’ and ‘Wild’. The entire EP is daring and confident with a thrilling a sense of freedom from all inhibitions that envelopes you as you listen to it.

You can purchase Wild here on iTunes or here on Troye’s website.

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