5 Times Tokio Hotel Made Their Fans Happy Beyond Measure

Okay so let it first be understood that pretty much most of the stuff Tokio Hotel does makes us Aliens happy (the fanatic creatures that we are). Since it would be a never-ending list, I’m just going to focus on 5 of the recent things that have excited us these past couple of months, because:

A. It’s been 5 years since Tokio Hotel’s last studio album, Humanoid, and

B. Their latest album Kings of Suburbia is their 5th studio album.


After waiting five years for new music, we were finally granted a brand new album to worship, along with three different editions of it, which had us going like:


Well, to be honest, I cried first and then celebrated. KOS is also Tokio Hotel’s most successful album so far, hitting #1 in more than 30 countries and in the Top 5 of 17 more.


The return of the beloved Tokio Hotel TV  (their video series on YouTube) reconnected all of us to our favourite band, giving us a peak into their lives in LA, Germany and the process of getting ready to launch the new album and tours. THTV has always made us feel like Tokio Hotel want us to be a part of their lives no matter what. The new episodes are just as funny, interesting and full of dirty jokes as the old ones, showing us that while they have grown up, they’re still very much the same incredible (and sometimes disgusting) boys they were.

th gif 2


A new member of the Tokio Hotel and #AlienFamily, Bill’s English bulldog Pumba has taken the fandom by storm with his cuteness and presence in every THTV Episode. The guys all love him, and it’s adorable to watch them interact with him and take him to every video/photo shoot. The Tokio Hotel online store also carries a Pumba Plushie which is to DIE for <3

the gif 3

th gif 4


Tokio Hotel hold regular #FollowSprees where all 4 guys go online and follow back a few lucky fans. All of us wait like crazy people to see if we’re lucky enough to score a follow and when we finally see that little notification, it has us going all:

th gif 5

I finally got a follow yesterday, and this is still my face now.


This man has class, style and a little bit of funk which just leads to major excitement every time he posts a new photo on Instagram. From photographs of his incredible wardrobe and shirtless selfies to pictures of Tom or Pumba snoozing, it’s all #repost worthy. Not to mention the extra drama that happens every time he likes someone’s post.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3


Whether it was the premiere of their first ever music video in years, #RunRunRun, or the glorious orgy that was #LoveWhoLovesYouBack, Tokio Hotel have caused a serious amount of buzz with their new videos. With a brand new look, music and logo, they have ensured that each video conveys the fact that yes they are older, their music has changed and they are damn well proud of the evolution.

They also recently collaborated with UNICEF to film a music video for John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ to spread awareness about children’s right to education, and they couldn’t have made us more proud.

th gif 7

th gif 8

So that’s my list of the top 5 moments where Tokio Hotel have made us Aliens happy beyond measure. There are definitely so many more including their funniest interviews, new live shows etc, so I would LOVE to hear about which ones are your top Tokio Hotel moments in the comments below!

You can find Tokio Hotel on:

Twitter: @tokiohotel

Instagram: @billkaulitz, @georglisting, @tokiohotel

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tokiohotel

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/tokiohotelchannel

Website: http://www.tokiohotel.com/

You can connect with me on:

Instagram @reisheeri

Twitter: @thisisridz

Snapchat: ridzchakraborty

Facebook: /midnightheartbeat

*Image credits go to Bill Kaulitz (Instagram) as well as Herzbeben and error483 on Tumblr (Any other images were all found on Google and are not mine.)


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  1. Pallavi Luchmun says:

    I love it… It great… N I totally am for Pumba and follow spree…. <3

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