The Glorious Return of Tokio Hotel

If you know me personally or have been reading my blog for a long time [thank you!] you’ll definitely know that the band that means everything in the world to me is Tokio Hotel. I have been a fan for 9 years and still going strong. People ask me why I love them so much and it’s both difficult and easy to answer because there’s a ton of things I love about them can’t express all of it in words. With this band, it’s much more than the music. Yes, it was their music that got them my attention but as time passed my love for Tokio Hotel developed into a relationship of a sort. I’ve grown up with this band, watched them evolve and become the individuals they are today and that evolution has influenced my personality, individuality and made me into who I am.

th throwback

th now

They are my idols, my heroes and my inspiration because they fed my love for music while giving me companionship, laughs, and a journey to accompany them on. Growing up loving a band who are close to you in age is the best thing in the world because you grow up together and as your music taste develops and becomes more complex, so does the band’s. You are not leaving them behind and nor are they becoming something you don’t recognize because the relatability remains in the life experiences that you and the band are having in roughly the same ages. When I was in my teens and so were the members of Tokio Hotel, the music was about independence, freedom and growing up; now when we’re in our twenties, the music is complex, dark and an amalgamation of emotion that is the quarter-life-crisis. I’m no longer the person I was 5 years ago and it’s great to see the same type of change in Tokio Hotel: Growth. In so many ways.

th now 2

After their last album Humanoid [2009] Tokio Hotel went into a 5 year hibernation. It was a long and painful wait for new music and there were times when I was angry at them for not giving us anything to cling to. I won’t harp on about those grueling 5 years but I will say that their announcement of a new album this year is the best thing I have heard in a long time and has given me a happiness that has completely saturated my body and cannot be washed out. The new album Kings of Suburbia will release on October 6th [October 3rd in Germany] and the hype cannot be greater. With the super deluxe edition already sold out worldwide on pre-order and a screaming demand from fans for more copies, there is mass hysteria on the rise. I myself pre-ordered the super deluxe edition from France after a few very dramatic phone calls to Amazon USA and India.


The band released the video for their first single from the album ‘Run, Run, Run’ yesterday, 12th September 2014 and let me tell you, it was worth the wait. The song itself is breathtaking; sad, filled with longing, and ethereal. It’s a slow ballad, only vocals and the piano, and so very different from Tokio Hotel’s last two albums. Needless to say, I burst into tears the first time I heard it. #sorrynotsorry. It actually reminded me of some of their lesser known German songs like ‘Geh’ [‘Go’], ‘Unendlichkeit’ [‘Infinity’] and ‘Hilf Mir Fliegen’ [‘Help Me Fly’] from their earlier albums. Slow, deep and raw.


The video is all about simplicity and elegance. Done in black in white, it features lead singer Bill Kaulitz and his twin brother Tom Kaulitz. Tom switched from lead guitar to piano for the song and his skills are tremendous. I love how it’s a reminder that this is a band bringing back more traditional instruments instead of swapping all the sound for synthesized electro-pop which is so common nowadays and ditching auto-tune for clean vocals.


There is no dearth of emotion in Bill’s vocals and facial expressions and his skills as a singer and songwriter shine in’Run, Run, Run’. You can tell this album is going to be extremely personal and about the experiences the band has had in their 5-year break. With projections of swirling patterns on the walls, interesting use of shadows and lighting, the video is a visual treat while keeping it as stripped down and minimal as possible. You can watch the video below.

In conclusion, the song is a brilliant introduction to the new album and has left us fans hungry for more. The band has promised to release a new track from the album every Friday for the month of September and it’s a fantastic way to lead to the launch of the album itself. I can’t wait to see what more they have in store for us.

You can pre-order the album on Amazon and iTunes. Support the artist! :)

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