Back to The 1975

If you haven’t heard of The 1975, you’re missing out on some of the greatest music this generation has to offer.

This Indie band from Manchester is the ultimate drug-mix of Indie, alternative rock, R&B and a bit of electro-pop. I can’t stop listening to them because their sound is uniquely retro, refreshing and with lyrics about sex, love, life and death: all the good things we’re obsessed with.

Lead singer of The 1975, Matt Healy

With their debut self-titled album hitting #1 on the UK charts, this band made an unforgettable impression on the music scene with their understated look and sound. The elegance in their sound reminds me a lot of the Arctic Monkeys and a little bit of The Bravery. Their monochromatic visual aesthetic is extremely eye-catching and stands out in today’s world of blaring colours and flashy music videos, and appeals to those who need to get off the train called ‘loud’.


Their song ‘Chocolate’ off their first studio album The 1975 is definitely my favourite and (for me) combines everything this band is about.

I cannot express how much in love I am with this song. It makes me want to tap my feet, nod my head, get up and do a little jig even if I’m sitting in the middle of my office. I love the quality of Matt Healy’s voice and the fact that it’s much deeper than one would think just by looking at him. A lot of people find the lyrics difficult to understand because of his accent, but it simply increases the appeal for me because it makes the instruments the heroes.

They took a little bit of a detour from their black and white videos with ‘Girl’. It’s in colour and definitely a little more pop with a bit of a 80s vibe to it in both sounds and visuals; I absolutely adore it.

With an eye and ear for details, this band is definitely worth a listen and meant for great things.

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