The New Kidd On The Block

Someone who I’m absolutely in love with at the moment is Vince Kidd. If any of you guys have watched the Voice UK then you’ll remember him as Jessie J’s finalist in 2012. Leather clad and wearing enough eyeliner to put Adam Lambert to shame, he got all judges to turn for him when he sang his own version of Madonna’s ‘Like A Virgin’. I never thought a man would sing this song, and I was just as stunned as the judges by his song choice. Like said, Vince completely changed an iconic pop song into a signature soul piece. Absolutely brilliant. And that falsetto is out of this world.

He’s got this delicious edgy, alternative look with bits of grunge thrown in along with eyes that are so gorgeous they’ll sweep you off your feet even if his voice doesn’t. I can’t tell you how blown away I am by him. He’s got the whole package: talent, looks and stage presence. He’s like a mix of Adam Lambert and Bill Kaulitz with a bit of Billy Idol thrown in for good measure and I’d say that’s a pretty fantastic blend.

His music is vibrant and soulful, along with being tracks you can dance along with. What I love most about him is his versatility. Vocally he reminds me of Daley and Robin Thicke but the most accurate way to describe him would be to say he’s like a male version of Jessie J herself, which is why I felt she was the perfect coach for him on the Voice.

His latest video for ‘The Zoo’ ft Vanessa White is absolutely crazy and infectious. The beat is intoxicating and I have not been able to stop listening to it all day. It’s full of energy and colour, very much like Vince himself and I believe this song really suits him and has given him more freedom to explore his space as an artist. I highly recommend listening to this song and watching the video.

He’s definitely an artist who deserves more recognition and album sales, so do tell your friends to check out his music because I think he’s absolutely worth it. He’s got a certain charm you just don’t see in musicians these days. If you’re looking for something a little soft and mellow, you can check out his performance of ‘Smother Me’.

Needless to say he really has knocked my socks off, and I look forward to the day that I get to see him sing live in front of me.



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