Meeting Sean Paul and Seeing Enrique

So October/November have so far been very interesting months for me so far. The most fantastic thing about living in Bangalore are the number of international artists who love coming here to give concerts. Bangalore is known as one of the most happening cities in India in terms of music and art and I have to agree 100% and couldn’t be prouder of the city I was born in. Makes sense doesn’t it? Music lover, born in the music-hub of India… Haha.. Anywaayyy….

First up is the awesomeness of the fact that I actually attended Enrique Iglesias’ concert on the 22nd of October. I can’t believe I was actually there. He performed all of his biggest hits including ‘I Like It’, ‘Bailamos’, ‘Rythm Divine’, and ‘The Ping Pong Song’ and many more. A couple of lucky fans got to go onstage and sing with him, but the luckiest of all fans was a woman he pulled up, sang ‘Hero’ to and then kissed. On the lips. Yes. That happened. I fought tooth and nail to the get to the front and managed to beat up a bunch of people- and almost rip a poor girl’s hair out-in the process. I finally saw him from about 5 feet away and it was magical. He was singing my favourite song ‘Hero’ and he looked gorgeous and so real and oh my god my brain was failing at the realization that ENRIQUE IGLESIAS was 5 feet away from me! Excuse me while my brain decides to short-circuit again.

Sorry the picture is so grainy but I had zoomed in and my hand was shaking like crazy:

Also the second cool thing to happen to me was meeting Sean Paul this November.

He had flown down for his concert in Bangalore and was staying at the Mövenpick Hotel [fabulous hotel btw do try to visit] and I had the opportunity to go to the hotel and meet him. It was a two-hour wait before he finally arrive with his entourage. Everybody looked exhausted because they had been travelling and performing 3 nights in a row. I thought my heart was going to fall right out of its cage when I saw Sean Paul getting off the bus and I had to control myself from freaking out completely. As tired as he was, he was still sweet enough to thank me when I said I was a huge fan and take some pictures with me. I even got a hug and almost fainted at the burn of his hand against my back when we were taking photos. I was grinning so hard my cheeks were hurting all day. He then headed straight upstairs for, presumably, a shower and a nap. He smelled really nice though. And I say that in the least creepy way possible.

This is me meeting him. Please excuse the sorry state of my hair:

It was awesome and I couldn’t stop shaking afterwards. Also, my friends all hate me.

In terms of new music I’ve come across, I am so enraptured by ‘Fire Blaze’ by Rascals. The sound is infectious and seeps into your bones with heavy bass and electronic. I’ve always felt that British rappers and hip-hop artists are in a league all their own, and artists like Tinie Tempah, Labrinth, Tinchy Stryder, Chipmunk and now Rascals, are all proof of this. You definitely need to give this a listen.

Anyway November has been full of wonderful things so far. I also turned 20 on the 15th and even though I still feel like a little kid on the inside, I have learned a lot about growing up and working towards a career in music and lifestyle journalism. I guess with friends and family making life worth living, all you need is love. [Beatles reference. Shame on you if you didn’t get it.]

Here is a link to Mövenpick Bangalore’s webpage. They really are a wonderful hotel and I highly recommend a visit.


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