Only Love

I love those songs that make life seem suddenly calmer and slower paced, songs that just chase away your fears and pain, if only for 4 minutes. These kind of songs really make me feel clear-headed and calm and give me a fresh perspective on the things going on around me. Sometimes I just feel like running away from this life and becoming someone else and I guess these pretty little songs give me that chance. For a few moments I imagine I am flying over oceans or driving through hills in Switzerland or maybe walking down a beautiful deserted beach, and it’s a little reboot for the brain.

An example of a song like this is ‘Only Love’ by Ben Howard. I have to say this song is a piece of heaven.

There is a warmth in the song, and the repetition of the word ‘love’ just creates a sense of reassurance and happiness within me. Ben Howard’s voice is soft and mellifluous, not something that you can easily forget. Relatively new in the music scene, Howard’s music is a wonderful example of folk rock, or rather a contemporary take on folk music. I find myself enamoured by artists like Ben who have voices that need to be heard but are often overshadowed by bigger and [some] overrated names.

Mostly consisting of just bass, drums and acoustic guitar, ‘Only Love’ is a simplistic yet pleasurable listen. It is utterly addictive and has a ‘feel good’ tone to it which is impossible to ignore as Howard’s voice drifts into you. I highly recommend listening to this song if you’re going out for a drive or a walk, or simply sitting down to Sunday brunch with your family.

The lyrics are repetitive but are designed to be so, which make them more powerful like a mantra.

Darling you’re with me, always around me.

Only love, only love.

Darling I feel you, under my body.

Only love, only love.

Give me shelter, or show me heart

Come on love, come on love.

Watch me fall apart, watch me fall apart.
I absolutely adore everything about this song, including the music video which perfectly portrays my perception of the song. Check the song out and let me know what you guys think. :)

Here is a quick list of a few other songs that really calm me down when I’m angry, or give me that little escape from reality once in a while:

1. Litost by the Ambassadors

2. Alone Together by Daley feat Marsha Ambrosius

3. Valerie by Amy Winehouse 

4. Use Somebody by Kings of Leon

5. White Blank Page by Mumford and Sons

There are of course way more but I guess I need to stop typing at some point and go to bed. xD

Hope you enjoy some of the songs listed here. Each one of them is incredible in its own right, one sung by a fallen star and others by rising ones. Life is all about the little things, you guys. :)

Do comment and let me know about your favourite little heavenly songs.

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Take care <3


2 Comments Add yours

  1. surjodeep says:

    valerie is seriously amazing…kudos on ur blog BTW!!!!

    1. Thank youuu!! So glad you like it! :D

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