On Being a Tokio-Addict

As you may or may not know I have a huge thing for Bill Kaulitz, frontman of German rock band Tokio Hotel. Now I have been pretty upset due to the lack of activity in the band’s musical life for the past 2 years and to be honest I am not fangirling as much as I used to. Don’t get me wrong. I will always love this band. But as a devout fan for the past 6 years, is new music too much to ask of them? I mean do your job! We fans paid for those cars, gym memberships and expensive sunglasses, you know.

It’s come to the point where we are all looking at new photos of the Kaulitz twins and going ‘yes you look extremely sexy, but when is the new album coming out?’. When a Tokio-Addict poses such a question, you know we’re pretty desperate.

So when Cherry Tree Records finally announced that Bill has collaborated with Far East Movement on a new song set for release in May, I felt that surge of fangirling-spirit returning to my Tokio-starved body. Now this collaboration is clever. Far East Movement, who I absolutely adore, are pretty big when it comes to number ones on international charts and collaborations with top artists like DEV, Justin Bieber, Ryan Tedder and Kid Cudi.

If this new song titled ‘If I Die Tomorrow’ from FEM’s upcoming album Dirty Bass is a dance number rather than something slow and mopey, I predict it to be a huge hit, especially amongst us Aliens. It could really put Tokio Hotel on the global map with worldwide airplays and hits on YouTube. If it’s slow and mopey, it might just remain within the playlists of the existing Aliens and fail to crack the global charts because, let’s face it, it won’t be anything radically new, and 2012 is about being FRESH.

I am personally hoping for something that pretty much defines the term ‘dirty bass’; In other words I’m dying to see Bill Kaulitz get down and dirty, especially due to the rather ‘bad-ass’ look he’s going these days. [Excuse me while I shamelessly add yet another picture of him]

He seems to have a point to prove with this new hippie-thug avatar which I don’t entirely dislike, so I hope he delivers keeping in mind our high expectations and doesn’t crash and burn. I am crossing my fingers and wishing with all my heart that there is a music video coming along with the song because his announcement on the BTK App of ‘shooting something’ excluding the rest of the band could mean a video for ‘If I Die Tomorrow’. My obsession shall then resume with the same, if not greater, intensity. Until then, I shall continue trolling Cherry Tree Records’ Twitter for more news.

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