The ‘Wow’ Factor

Linkin Park is one of the most iconic bands in the world today. The sheer integrity and tremendous power in their lyrics and performances are what makes them a success among the masses. Combine lyrics that have been written to save the world with Chester Bennington’s impressive vocals and you have yourself a Grammy winning band that has made a positive mark on our planet. From anthems about political and social stigmas in our lives with ‘What I’ve Done’ to songs about personal struggles and individual experiences, such as ‘Numb’, Linkin Park is a band that I have immense respect for. Their songs get me thinking about life, death and all the things in between, and sometimes even about what comes after.

My favorite thing about Linkin Park is undoubtedly Bennington. He literally breaks boundaries when it comes to vocal skill, touching the highest notes of each song with ease and raw power. His control over his voice is truly astounding and I for one am dumbfounded every time I hear him sing.

One of the best performances ever by Linkin Park has to be their cover of Adele’s ‘Rolling in the Deep’.

Now I’m a huge fan of Adele, and ‘Rolling in the Deep’ is definitely one of my most loved songs by her, but I just felt that Linkin Park’s version of the song channeled the emotions that come along with the lyrics better than the original.

It is very rare when the cover version of a song as legendary as this one goes viral on the internet, let alone becomes a favorite among fans of both artists concerned. I remember what an epic fail Miley Cyrus’ cover version of ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ by Nirvana was. It still makes me shudder when I think about it. Nasal banshee, much? In any case, Linkin Park’s cover of Adele’s song spells ‘success’ in capital letters and Bennington brings out the undertones of grief below the anger and ferocity of the song, something I didn’t really feel while listening to the original.

What I like best about the video of Linkin Park’s cover, is the fact that it is live and Linkin Park’s fans are singing along with Chester. It’s beautiful how they know they lyrics by heart before-hand and are joining Bennington in his rendition of a song that isn’t even his. I believe that sort of togetherness amongst fans is the best part of what the music industry has to offer.

On that note, remember to see how Chester takes all the high notes with ease, and check out the emotions on his face throughout the performance. Also don’t forget to notice how the fans are singing along with him; it’s absolutely magical and makes me wish I was there in the audience that day. Don’t miss this one!


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  1. Adele songs makes me wanna go cry out loud outside my house. :(

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