Let’s Dance With The Bass Down Low

I was going though YouTube yesterday when a very interesting artist was brought to my attention again after a very long time. I’ve been meaning to write about Skylar Grey ever since I heard Dr. Dre’s ‘I Need A Doctor’ feat. Eminem and Skylar Grey. Her voice is surprisingly haunting and whatever part in a song she has seems to get stuck in your head, and stays there for at least a week. Her new single ‘Dance Without You’ from her debut album Invinsible, is honestly not what I expected it to be.

Now I had no way of predicting what kind of album and songs she’d come up with since her collaborations were mostly with hip-hop and R&B artists of our generation, including Diddy-Dirty Money and Lupe Fiasco. So the question was would she serve up a collection of R&B similar to maybe Rihanna, or would she bring us something completely new? The answer is the latter. ‘Dance Without You’ is a song which comes across as Alternative Rock, the sound being laced with distorted guitar and strong drum beats and beat-boxing.

The song is up to you to interpret, but essentially it is about how Holly Brook  rediscovered herself as Skylar Grey and found success after transforming into the latter.

While most peg the song as ‘crazy’ they agree that it’s a good crazy and rather addictive. Skylar Grey has a unique, individualistic style that appeals to most, and a dark energy that is utterly entrancing. The music video shows Skylar literally in a struggle with herself. It takes some getting used to, but the idea is genius. I give ‘Dance Without You’ 4 out of 5 stars and a standing ovation.

Skylar Grey has offered a free download of the track on her website http://www.skylargreymusic.com/splash/

Now if you SERIOUSLY wanna move, I suggest you get your ‘Bass Down Low’ with DEV ft the Cataracts. DEV first caught my attention when she was featured in The Far East Movement’s ‘Like A G6’. It’s safe so say that she caught the attention of most of the planet with this number one hit. For a solo venture, DEV decided to give us a sample of what she can do with the single ‘Bass Down Low’. I would say DEV to me is like a blend of MIA and Ke$ha. She’s got a more hardcore appeal like MIA, but at the same time her music is  largely electro-pop, and her lyric delivery is very similar to Ke$ha.

‘Bass Down Low’ stays true to its name by featuring low bass electro-beats and sex-appeal though the entire track. In a generation where sex sells, the song does contain a hell of a lot of sexual innuendo, but puts it in a rather neat package for you to unwrap if you want to.  If you’re looking for depth and philosophy, however, you are unlikely to find it here. Must have on everyone’s playlist if you’re looking to dance the night away, I give ‘Bass Down Low’ 3 stars out of 5.

You can check out DEV’s blog here http://devishot.com/

Until next time! ;)

-Ridz <3


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  1. heyprincy says:

    and we have our personal reasons to love this song don’t we?? ;)

    1. :’D Yesh yesh…. xD

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