It’s Been A While, Hasn’t It?

Hey everyone… As you can tell by the date on my last post as compared to this one, I was away for a LONG time. The truth is there is no excuse. I was on vacation and feeling just as lazy as Bruno Mars laying on his bed. I can assure you that I will more than make up for this, as I have a few surprises in store for all my regular readers and plenty of new music to discuss!

Let’s get right down to business with the much focused on topic of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way.

This is her second studio album and was met with many different reactions both good and bad. The album, as far as I can tell, is about sexuality, individuality, freedom and choice; all of which Lady Gaga is already a symbol of. The album’s strength lies in its variation of songs. From the raunchy ‘Judas’ to the heart-lifting ‘Edge of Glory’ and the gloriously dark ‘Heavy Metal Lover’ [which happens to be my favorite track on the album], Born This Way manages to appeal to a lot of different types of people. Gaga seems to be using the album as a megaphone to shout out to all her fans that its okay to have your own opinion and personality and to be afraid.

Lady Gaga tells her fans “there is nothing trendy about Born This Way. This connection that we all share is something so much deeper than a wig or lipstick or an outfit, or a fucking meat dress. […] Born This Way is about what keeps us up at night and what makes us afraid.”

Admitting you’re afraid takes a lot of guts and that is what Gaga is going for. Being unique is about meeting your worst fears head-on and finding ways to destroy them. Knowing you’re not alone is a big bonus, like arming yourself with a light-saber and stabbing your inner demons in the head.

However Gaga’s problems include protests from religious groups, largely Catholic, for the usage of the word ‘Jesus’ repeatedly in the album and the song ‘Judas’. Born This Way was in fact banned in Lebanon due to these very reasons. Lady Gaga has also been accused of copying Madonna’s style and Born This Way  has said to have been ‘heavily influenced’ by Madonna’s music. In my book, that depends on personal opinions and individual reactions and comparisons of the album.

However there can be no denying the impact this album has made on the planet. Topping the charts in 23 countries, Gaga yet again proves that she is able to let her voice be heard. She is an icon of the 21st century who has revolutionalized the way we express ourselves.

This is the music video for Born This Way. Fair warning: Lady Gaga’s videos are usually eccentric, artistic and explicit and this is no exception.

Okay, so second thing, I am TOTALLY digging Jason Derulo’s new single ‘Don’t Wanna Go Home’. I think all you guys should check it out. It’s typical Jason Derulo, so you can expect plenty of auto-tune and rolling sound effects as heard on every other song he’s done. It makes you want to move, so I recommend it on your playlist if you’re on your way to the gym. The video is utter Derulo sexiness, and he gets really down ‘n’ dirty with it, grinding in leather and black vest gloriousness through water in an abandoned warehouse full of his sexy ‘friends’.

I think a song that has really impressed me recently is Joshua Radin’s ‘Sundrenched World’. Absolutely stunning, this song is Altern at its best. Is delicate yet powerful; like a scent of vanilla… You can’t forget it. It lingers in your body. Joshua Radin’s voice reminds me of everything summer should be: heat, brightness, love and escape. However listening to it on a rainy day as I am now, has an appeal all on its own. The perfect background music to painting or driving or reading: It doesn’t interfere or distract, just hovers pleasantly in the room.

There is no music video for the song, but I do have audio for you:

So until next time, when hopefully I will have some news for you, au revoir!

Ridz <3


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  1. Alma says:

    Joshua Radins voice is hauntingly hott!

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