Girls Run The World

Women are the strongest pillars of anybody’s life. When I look at all the women in my life, my heart swells with pride, because I know how wonderful each and every one of them are. My mother, my aunts, my grandmothers [all three], my teachers, my girlfriends… They all give me courage, strength, encouragement and inspiration. Women have boundless patience and the very fact that they can stand in one place to tolerate constant flows of energy, positive and negative, is proof of that. There is not even one thing that men can do that women can’t, but there are endless things men cannot do but women CAN. I would like to think there is no superior sex, but being a woman myself, I do tend to have a biased viewpoint.

The multitude of emotions a woman can hold is astounding. We run on a frequency a whole lot different from men, and therefore can rarely be understood by them. There are countless times when a woman can be there for another. Break-up: she’s there with a tub of ice-cream, a box of tissues and a soul full of empathy. When you have the perfect dress but not the perfect accessories, you know she’ll let you borrow. When you see a cute guy at the mall and burst into giggles, and she starts giggling too, because she knows EXACTLY what you’re looking at. When you need understanding and encouragement, knowledge and faith, she’s there, her hand in yours.

When it comes to the music industry, women have definitely established themselves. whether its Tina Turner or Bette Middler, Adele or Lily Allen, women have become a strong focal point and an inspiration for women and girls around the world to be bold and step out, conquer new boundaries.

Tina Turner

Beyonce is a woman who has achieved the impossible. She is one of the most powerful female icons in the world today and has proved to be a woman worthy of the role. I have written a piece on her before and I will be putting up a link to it of you would like to have a look.

Her latest music video for the single ‘Run the World (Girls)’ from her upcoming studio album ‘4’, was released two days ago, May 18th 2011, and let me tell you, if there is a testament to the power of women this is it!

The video is extremely powerful: Women dancing furiously in the middle of the desert while men cower from them does impose a rather impressive image. The song is about the strength and independence of women and rather than women ruling the world, it’s about women running the world, the difference being in the fact that men would be unable to cope if women shut them out. It’s about the fact that women through the generations have EARNED respect and have had enough of being oppressed and being made targets. Women are ‘strong enough to bear your children then get back to business’, is a line from this song that sticks to my mind and refuses to leave.

The video portrays a change in time, women gaining power over men as the world evolves… Women shift from becoming rebels to the actual governing body of the planet.

Beyonce looks incredible and the dancing in this video is absolutely sick and out of this world. The way bodies move in perfect unison leave a viewers mouth open in awe; I was certainly blown away by the sheer energy in the entire video. There is drive, determination, discipline, sexiness, and plenty of sex-appeal to go around. With lions and horses and blown-up cars, there is an edge of masculinity that is immediately balanced out by the fact that Beyonce is on the horse, Beyonce stands next to the lion and Beyonce blows up the car with a thrust of her fist in the air.

The video has received negative views from men claiming all kinds of funny things like women ‘taking away their masculinity’ and such. Personally I think its ridiculous to think that. Women pride ourselves with the strength we were born with, the FEMALE strength within. We aren’t looking to take anything from men; in all honesty we need them in our lives to love, to hold, as partners, as fathers, as friends and brothers… We need them as equals to be a stronger and smarter race. Personally as a woman I do need and love the men in my life very much. I have 3 brothers, who are an incredible source of strength and support [not to mention fist-fights], my dad is my hero, and my best friend Jason is a guy, too.

Jason and I.

There needs to be balance and equality and I think what Beyonce is getting at is the fact that women should rise up and meet the challenge of ensuring they are not underestimated. I don’t think she deserves to get slandered for standing up and saying women should take control of their own lives. After all, everybody’s life is their own.

My post on ‘Halo’ and Beyonce—>


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