It’s Good to Revisit Sometimes :)

There comes a time [several times] in one’s life where they wish they could go back to one particular moment where they were so happy and so content, everything seemed right in the world. Whether it’s a device for a quick escape from pain in the present or just a jaunt down memory lane, people do it everyday so that they can remind themselves of the moments they have lived and the things they have done. Of course, I am talking about the positive things here, people, so don’t go thinking about that E in math or that tooth extraction you had last week. -.-

So what jogged my memory? Well actually it got it running… I was just busy YouTubing today for any interesting music videos I could dig up and I found a couple that I think are very interesting.

The first would be ‘You Spin Me Right Round (Like A Record)’ by Dead or Alive.

Now this was controversial to say the least. Though it is one of my favourite songs, I can’t help but be creeped out by the video and the striking resemblance Pete Burns bears to my sweetheart Bill Kaulitz. I mean SERIOUSLY.

Bill doesn’t look too thrilled. :/

That spells ‘FREAKY’ right there. Now considering this music video was released in 1984, it sparked quite a revolution in dance music, not to mention fashion with Pete Burns’ eccentric look. The song has been covered by Dope, and I seriously love their version of it, so if you can get a hold of it, do give it a listen because some people I know claim it is even better than the original [to which I disagree. But if you have in opinion I’d love to know, so do post! :) ] Florida’s 2009 single ‘Right Round’ is based on ‘You Spin Me Right Round’, but the lyrics have changed, so DO NOT MISTAKE IT AS A COVER VERSION. :P

Here’s the video—>

The next thing I looked at was my favourite song that Guns N Roses has done, ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’

Now there are two things I like about this video:

1. Axl Rose. Enough said. :P

2. The set.

The song was released on August 18, 1988 with a video featuring the band rehearsing in the Huntington Ballroom at Huntington Beach, California.

 It has all the band members’ [at the time] girlfriends and crew members. Guns N Roses is one of my favourite bands, and I mean overall, and not just from the 80’s. I seriously have a thing for men who are in touch with their feminine side… Don’t get me started! But besides that, Axl Rose’s voice is pure electricity that you can just plug into and charge right up! Fueled by Slash’s stunning solo, this song was propelled far up on the charts where it became the only song by Guns N Roses to ever be #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The video—>

The third thing I was thinking of was a performance by my favourite band, Tokio Hotel, in Singapore in 2010.

They performed an acoustic version of ‘Automatic’, the first single from their album ‘Humanoid’. Bill Kaulitz has proved that he indeed has some skills… He sounds perfectly divine as he unleashes the husky tones of his voice and has the audience screaming for more at the end. Tom Kaulitz looks and plays extremely gracefully as his fingers skim across the guitar’s fretboard, exposing a rarely visible gentle side of himself. George Listing on the base is fantastic and simply radiates calm. 

The video—>

So that was a very brief flashback, since there is a dearth of time today, and I wish I could have written more, since my brain is swirling with all kinds of bands and musicians right now. A lot of you have been requesting an article older bands [a certain band from the 80’s, in fact] and I promise you I will not disappoint you… As soon as get my hands on a nice, big, juicy slice of time, you’ll see a freshly baked article! Erm… That came out wrong….

Anyway, do post any of YOUR trips down memory lane down in the comments… I’d love to know about them and reply!

Peace out. <3


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