Pull Out That Box of Kleenex and Gear Up for Waterworks; Here Are the TOP TEN SONGS THAT MAKE ME CRY.. T_T


I’m sorry I havent posted in a long time, and I really don’t have any excuses except ‘there was simply no time’..-.-‘  These past months have brought on a tirade of emotions for me, and I felt this new post would be appropriate to commemorate that… I was actually working on this post since january 15th to get the perfect mix of songs that would correctly convey how I feel and mean the most to me… So here they are!! THE TOP TEN SONGS THAT MAKE ME CRYYY!! T_T

Once in a while a song really hits you hard. Whether it’s about love, loss, racism or world affairs, it doesn’t matter. There are just those few songs that trigger a tear or two when you listen to their lyrics, or the passion in the artist’s voice or the gut-wrenching guitar/violin/etc, solos. Sometimes a song brings back a memory that gets you emotional, may it be angry, sad or just so darn happy that you could bawl. Being the soppy little person that I am there are quite a few songs that stir these emotions within me and are successful in drawing out my tears. Yes, I can be pathetic at times, but lets just say its part of the job description. :’)

At number 10, we have ‘Whataya Want from Me’ by Adam Lambert:

Now, I have been a fan of Adam Lambert’s from the very first moment I saw him performing on American Idol. He was runner-up in the competition but has gone on to establish himself further than any of the previous winners, stealing hearts and spreading his ‘fever’ around the globe. Now the song ‘Whataya Want from Me’ is the second single from Adam’s debut album ‘For Your Entertainment’. The song is about misunderstandings between lovers, parting and then realizing how much one needs the other. In the song he begs his better-half not to ‘give up’ on him and thanks  them for loving him as they are ‘doing it perfectly’. The lines that get me the most on this one are ‘There might have been a time when I would let you slip away, I wouldn’t even try but I think you could save my life.’


Number 9. is ‘One Day I’ll Fly Away’ by Nicole Kidman from the OST of ‘Moulin Rouge’:

I don’t remember when I first watched this movie, but I know that though I was very young this song had a major impact on me. Nicole Kidman played a show dancer in the famous Parisian nightclub The Moulin Rouge. Desired but not loved, her character searches for an escape, an outlet. I understood her desire to be free, to be loved, to dream her dreams freely. The lyrics were sung with so much emotion, mainly sorrow and defeat, that I didn’t have to understand the song to know her pain. ‘One day I’ll fly away, leave all this to yesterday… Why life from dream to dream and dread the day when dreaming ends…’ is my favourite line in the song. It is morbid, but then when you watch the movie you realized the character has every right to sing this song, and the song is the very essence of the character’s pain.


Number 8. is ‘Say it to Me Now’ by Glen Hansard:

This song is from a beautiful little Academy Award winning movie, ‘Once’, which is about two struggling street musicians who meet and go on a journey of love, spirituality and above all, music. The thing about this song is that it can be interpreted in so many different ways. It is very short [2 minutes 35 seconds] but it can convey thousands of messages with just the fewest of utterances. Glen Hansard has a very husky and rough voice which accentuates the frustration in the song, which in my opinion is a tussle with God. He’s telling God to speak up to ‘say it to [him] now’, give him the message that he has been waiting for instead of making him go through so many trials in his life. What really turns on my Tear-Tap is the sheer anger in Hansard’s voice when he breaks into the verse ‘ Cause this is what you’ve waited for/ Your chance to even up the score/ And as these shadows fall on me now/ I will somehow/Cause I’m picking up a message Lord/And I’m closer than I’ve ever been before’. You have to listen to the pain to feel it.


Number 7. can only be ‘Unchained Melody’ by the Righteous Brothers:

Yes, its true: I AM A TOTAL SAP! >.< This song is regarded as an overplayed cliché by many of our day and age, but it got its facts right, to be honest. Everyone knows how it feels to ‘hunger for [their lover’s] touch’, long for separation to never come between them and the one they love. This song is the base for all love songs that have originated with separation or loss being the main theme. ‘I need your love’ croon the Righteous Brothers, stealing thousands of hearts with the song’s re-release in 1990 for the movie ‘Ghost’. The song has been translated into over a hundred languages and more than 500 official studio versions of the song exist today. The song is universally loved and adored by many and almost equally hated! However, just try watching ‘Ghost’ and you’ll see why exactly I cry when I hear this song.

Video—> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrK5u5W8afc

Number 6. is ‘Your Guardian Angel’ By the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus:

This song is like a balm to an ache. It soothes loneliness, cools the burn of anger, and disinfects thoughts about giving up. It has inspired many dances, songs, stories and more and has saved lives. It’s about having an ‘angel’ in your life who makes living worth every minute you look into their eyes, every moment they touch you and every conversation you have with them. They make everyday a new revelation about yourself. There are no real words to describe how this song makes me feel. I guess the best way to put it is that it awakens me to all of the amazing people in my life who make everyday so wonderful and make me strong. A promise of ‘I will never let you fall’ rings true as you can almost hear your heart swearing to protect those you love. My favorite part of the song is ‘Seasons are changing/And waves are crashing/And stars are falling all for us/Days grow longer and nights grow shorter/I can show you I’ll be the one’ where he wants to prove that he will be as equal a guardian to the one he loves as she has been to him. He will not let the boundaries of time effect his feelings towards her in any way. The integrity in the lyrics and the honest way they are communicated by lead singer Ronnie Winter, are what truly make this song worth a listen.


As we reach the halfway point of my list, I hope you have gotten those tissues as the songs I am about to recommend are truly rollercoasters of emotions…

Okay, so at number 5. I must share with you ‘Kiss from a Rose’ by Seal:

Now I was about 2 years old when the song first released, as a part of the OST for ‘Batman Forever’, so this song has been echoing all through my life; whether it be my mom or my aunt humming it, or listening to it play on the radio while taking a drive at midnight, this song never fails to invoke a sense of peace and everlasting love. At the same time, the song is tinged with a bitterness as the narrator of the song describes the woman he loves as a ‘growing addiction’ the therefore he cannot live without her. We can safely say the song does justice to a double-edged sword called ‘love’, where love is the cure and the drug itself and the one loved becomes ‘my power, my pleasure, my pain’ [my favourite line in the song]. To truly understand this song, you need to have someone in your life who you know you can’t live without.


‘Chasing Cars’ by Snow Patrol is number 4. on my list simply because it brings a lump to my throat.

I don’t know why the song affects me in this way, but every time I listen to it I feel a sense of longing. It urges me to find the person I’m meant to spend the rest of my life with, RIGHT THIS INSTANT. More than anything else, the song is a metaphor for a proposal. He wants to spend the rest of his life with her, even though they ‘don’t know where’ and are ‘confused about how as well’. I think the beauty of the song lies in its utmost surrender to the beauty of a lover, finding paradise in a lover. My favourite lines in the song have to be ‘All that I am/ All that I ever was/ Is here in your perfect eyes, they’re all I can see’. The music video is truly a wonderful backdrop to this gorgeous ballad.


Song number 3. is a little mostly unknown song called ‘Hilf Mir Fliegen’ by Tokio Hotel

This song is a bonus track on ‘Zimmer 483’, Tokio Hotel’s 2nd studio album. Since the song only comes when you buy the German CD with the bonus track and is not available on the English version. I actually found it on a random search but once I heard Bill Kaulitz’s vocals on this one, I was seriously astounded. I had never heard him sound so… mellow and gentle and it was mainly this that brought tears to my eyes. The ability in a man to sound vulnerable never fails to pierce my heart and I had a spear in my chest, alright. The song is about needing a person you love to help and encourage you when you are in a tough spot. I had to use Google to find a translation to the song, but when I did I was amazed at the beauty and the sincerity in  the lyrics. My favourite is “erzähl mir alle lügen/Mach es so, dass ich es glaub” which means “Tell me all the lies/ make me believe them”. Sometimes you just want someone to say everything’s gonna be okay, even if you know it isn’t.

Audio with full translation—>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7cDAe_chEo

At runners-up, we have ‘Love the Way You Lie’ Parts 1 and 2 by Eminem and Rihanna respectively.

Now if there’s ever a true definition of love, it is this. This song uses a story to say that love isn’t perfect and you have to work hard to make it work. You have ups and downs in every relationship, in varying extremes. The brilliance of this song lies in its ability to convince you of the pain and anguish the narrators are going through. In part 1, Eminem has the major part of conveying the story, while in part 2, Rihanna share’s the woman’s point of view. The song is about a couple who keep breaking up but then come back to each other, regardless of the fact that the man in the relationship is physically and verbally violent with the woman, and a liar. The woman tries to leave, but is held back, finally admitting that she never really wanted to go. ‘So maybe I’m a masochist/ I try to run but I don’t want to ever leave’ [part 2]. The man keeps losing his temper and beating her up, but then apologizes by saying he never meant to do it ‘I snap/Who’s that dude/I don’t even know his name/I laid hands on her/I’ll never stoop so low again/I guess I don’t know my own strength’ [part 1]. He’s trying to convince himself that he was justified in hitting her. When I heard this song, the pure anger in Eminem’s voice contrasted with Rihanna’s anguish filled tones seemed to take my breath away. I couldn’t breathe because no other rap song had ever effected me in this way. I felt myself fill up with various emotions ranging from pity to sorrow to elation, and I just couldn’t make up my mind as to whose side I was on. The passion in the relationship translates equally in the anger and the love that the couple share. The music video with Megan Fox and Dominic Monaghan perfectly showcases this love/hate/love pattern, and at the end your left with one question… Is it always going to be this way?


Now, Number 1. is the one and only song that leaves me an emotional wreck after I listen to it. It steals my feelings and throws them up into the air like a pack of cards that the wind can catch and blow away, because so help me God, ‘I Don’t Love You’ by My Chemical Romance cuts me real deep…


I’ve already explained my theories as to what the song is about in my earlier post on this song, so I’ll post up a link on this if you want to check it out, but this post is about what the song means to me and what emotions it awakened in me. This song is a ballad of pain and sacrifice; it’s about having the courage to tell someone you don’t love them anymore at the end of a relationship. The song is a punch to the guts for those who keep moving on from one lover to another, breaking hearts and destroying dreams. At least have the decency to come clean about your ways. As someone who has gone through heartbreak and know many who have, I can tell you that this song encourages one to be stronger and lift one’s head high, even after the toughest break-up. You shouldn’t let life bring you down and instead should ‘be off to find another way’, a better way. Gerard Way’s vocals are the most emotional and gut-wrenching vocals I have EVER heard on a song and the way the guitar accompanies his wails with anguish of its own simply breaks one’s heart into thousands of little pieces. The guitar sounds to me like somebody who is crying for a much-needed freedom; beautiful, longing and sad, Frank Iero really makes the instrument come alive and reach into your soul. You then wonder if anyone could really ‘have the guts to say/ I don’t love you like I did yesterday’.


My post on this song—>https://midnightheartbeat.wordpress.com/2009/12/30/heartsong-i-dont-love-you-by-my-chemical-romance/

So there you have it, guys: The Top Ten Songs that say ‘I’m a Sap!’ Just kidding… :)

They are all beautiful and emotional songs in their own right and really give me strength and inspire me. I would love to know which songs make you emotional, so please do post in the comments section! It doesn’t have to be a song that makes you cry: ANY emotion is welcome, may it be anger, happiness, giddiness, or hyperness… I’d love to know them all!!! :) Do post soon, and let’s hope 2011 be filled with more love and less hate… :)


Perfect- Pink

Monsoon- Tokio Hotel

Every Breath You Take- Police

Have You Really Ever Loved A Woman- Bryan Adams

Not Afraid- Eminem

Cosmic Love- Florence and The Machine

There are more, but then again I don’t want to seem like a COMPLETE sap. :)

Peace out! <3 ;)


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  1. reshmi says:

    love ur list, my fav is kiss from a rose and lips of an angel by hinder

    1. :D <3 Thanks for the response… See I mentioned you in the 'Kiss from a Rose' section… :P <3 Luff yewww!! ^_^

  2. Moushumi says:

    Wow I never knew Tokio Hotel were capable of such lyrics! One of my old time favourites is ‘Don’t go changing” by Billy Joel. He sings it with a wealth of emotion in his voice.

    1. Of course they r, mom!:D
      Ohh.. and i’ll give the one u suggested a listen… Thanx for the comment! :)

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