Listening to the Radio at 11pm, Tolerating The Cigar Smoke From My Father’s Direction -_- And A Concert of A Lifetime…

Greetings all my readers! I am so happy to typing this down right now, even though the smoke from my father’s cigar is a bit annoying. I am sitting here with my entire family, each of us consumed by our own personal interests, creating a comfortable, familiar silence that happens every night in our family’s living room…

We keep our evenings reserved for some quiet time [excluding the moments my brother chooses to burp] where we read the papers, listen to music, talk, make jokes and sometimes bug the hell out of each other. Even though we have our fights, there’s nothing more I enjoy than a bit of family time where we get to discuss music with each other.

My parents are very different from the ‘conventional’  Indian families. My mother listens to rock, pop, and anything and everything 80s, a love which she incorporated into me. She also has an obsession for Adam Lambert– Probably the most astounding musician since Freddy Mercury!

My father on the other hand is pretty old school – Give him Jazz, lounge, and Unchained Melody any day… Though he wouldn’t diss U2, Black Sabbath or Jethro Tull.

As you can see by their choices they are pretty different personalities, though at this very moment seem to be in harmony with each other as they discuss a random article from the day’s paper.

My little brother? Well what can I say… Taller than me already though he’s pushing just 13 and with an attitude large enough to engulf Russia, his choices are what boys his age say they love so that they don’t come off as saps; Green Day, Linkin Park and the curious choice of Panic!At The Disco keeps him satisfied, and as Green Day’s ‘American Girl’ begins to play on the radio at the moment, he perks up faster than a hungry man with a plate of pasta in front of him!

And you all know my obsession with this man O_O:

The bottom line here is that though all our music tastes vary so much, we all came together for the one man who mattered. The one man who managed to transcend boundaries or age, gender and genre: BRYAN ADAMS.

The man came back to perform in Mumbai for the fifth time on the 12th of February, which was last night. A month prior I was jumping like a shrimp at the very idea that he was coming and last night I was finally there! It was epic, and therefore truly the Bryan Adams way!I have to go to bed soon, so here’s a quick glance at some of my favourite Numbers of The Night:

Everything I Do – While performing this he asked the entire audience of 20,000 to put their lit cellphones up in the air and wave… The effect was a sea of lights gliding in unison to his voice.

18 Till I Die – Since I was and am 18 at the time of the concert, this song meant a lot to me and Bryan Adams himself, who says he still believes he’s 18!

Baby When You’re Gone – For this one he pulled up a random audience member and asked her to sing along if she knew the song, which she did! While she couldn’t really sing, she made up for it with her enthusiasm and then jumping on Bryan Adams in the end. I would’ve done it too.

Died and Gone to Heaven- He dedicated it to a man who had once jumped up onstage [in a Mumbai concert of his] and grabbed the mic and yelled ‘Thought I’d died and gone to heaven!!!’ and then jumped back into the crowd.

Summer of ’69 – EVERYBODY knew the lyrics to this one! Doesn’t need much explaining!

Here I Am – One of my most favourite songs since I first heard it seven years ago, I was in tears when he sang it and the reality of the fact that I was looking at him do it, hit me.

All in all, Bryan Adams has an energy that cannot be compared with. He remains simple yet charming in his signature black shirt, jeans and slicked back hair. Each and everyone in that audience had a great time. Couple the music with pleasant weather, a moonlit night and good food, you had yourselves the biggest and best party in Mumbai! My family and I left the concert feeling considerably pleased though I wish he had done ‘Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman’….

Rock on, my fellow Mumbaites!!

Peace out <3


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