ART IS THE WEAPON and So Is Gerard Way’s New Hairdo…

OMG OMG OMG, take out your guitars and plug in your headphones, because My Chemical Romance are back with a brand new single and an album to boot! >.
4 years ago this band inspired my thirst for music with their phenomenal rock-opera album ‘The Black Parade’ and now they are back with an explosion of sexuality and colour. The band have returned with all colours in the rainbow and not a bit of black in sight, as frontman Gerard Way’s flaming new do is an example of.

I subscribed to My Chemical Romance’s newsletter a good 3 years ago and while it has been mostly dormant, it blasted my brains off when it came with the biggest announcement yet; You should have seen the look on my face when they sent the mail announcing their trailer for the new album ‘Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys’. A NEW ALBUM! Man, I was floating in the little space in my brain that I reserve purely for the moments of utter joy in my life, moments where I just need to let the news sink in and wallow around… I’m not a headcase, honest. :)

I do love the Way brothers’ new looks. Mikey looks all surfer-dude and Gerard is channeling a sort of  Rihanna meets Adam Lambert look.

Yikes. I think Gerard wears it better. Looks like someone threw tomato juice on her. :/

Jokes aside folks, lets talk about the first single from ‘Danger Days’, a happily psychotic song appropriately named ‘Na Na Na’. Well, hyper is not the word. Though the lyrics and the music are not as intricate and emotional as those in ‘The Black Parade’, there is a desire to get up and dance, and sing along, giving birth to a brand new anthem similar to ‘Teenagers’.The song is crazy and the trailer is crazier going perfectly well with the feel good, ‘let’s go kill everyone’ madness that MCR brings along with every song! [Hypothetically, of course!] Relax if you don’t get it from the first few watches… I didn’t either. We’ll have to wait for the rest!

Album art for ‘Na Na Na’.

Needless to say there is a huge buzz in the air following MCR’s return to the music scene and the MCRmy [MCR Army] are on the move again, recruiting new blood along the way and spreading the murder- I mean love! ;)

The album is set to release on the 22nd of November 2010, so start saving! YOU CANNOT MISS THIS!

Here is a link to the trailer of the album ‘Art Is The Weapon’–>

Here’s a link to the official Lyric version of the song ‘Na Na Na’–>

Have a ‘bloody’ romance….. ;)

Psychotically signing off…. <3


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