On Being in Love With my iTunes Library…

I guess the only formidable part of me is my iTunes library. Its the only thing you have to fear about me, really. The days where I download music I go into a trance somewhat similar to psychics when possessed by certain spirits or ghouls. I go on a rampage, downloading up to ten-fifteen songs a day, listening to them all and then making a little note on the imaginary notepad in my brain about the song. Like/love/hate/blah, etc and why. Just to give everyone a little glimpse of the stuff that happens in my head when I listen to a new song, here are some little ‘mental notes’ on five songs I downloaded today. Get ready.. Do you have a pen? Then let’s begin.

‘Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans’ by Uffie: Now I actually heard about Uffie for the first time while going through the latest issue of Rolling Stone India, where she was compared to Ke$ha and called  brand new ‘party girl’. Now, while I admit the song’s beat is catchy in its own ‘electro-pop’ kind of way, it wasn’t really my cup of tea. I find Uffie’s voice rather out of tune, nasal, and drab; like she could be any drunk teenager at a karaoke party. And I agree with her comparison to Ke$sha: they both sound drugged out of their heads with slurred words and rubbish lyrics. Cheers to another song about nothing. 

‘Champagne Life’ by Ne-Yo: This song is nothing drastically different from what Ne-Yo has done in the past. I do love its rhythm and feel; sophisticated and materialistic, which is exactly what the song is about. I am a little tired of R&B that constantly highlights the life of the glamorous, and Ne-Yo’s ‘Champagne Life’ is just that. An ode to the rich and famous, ‘Champagne Life’ delivers what it’s title promises. Its worth having a listen, because Ne-Yo’s mellifluous voice is simply a pleasure all by itself.

‘Closer to the Edge’ by 30 Seconds To Mars: One of my all-time favourite bands, 30STM has churned out yet another anthem for the youth of today. The song has strong percussion, stronger than some of the percussion on their previous studio album ‘A Beautiful Lie’ and Jared Leto’s vocal capacity never fails to impress as he literally screams out all the high notes with incredible control. Check out the music video. I love Jared’s new mohawk. Not mention it shows how close the band are to their fans.

‘Heavy in Your Arms’ by Florence and The Machine: I love this song because when I heard it for the first time I felt as though it wasnt the first, and I had heard it in some long-forgotten dream, before. I love Florence’s music as whole because it gives me sense of floating and giggling at the same time. ‘Rabbit Heart’ is another brilliant song, and the video is literally a party out of this world.

‘By The Sword’ by Slash Feat. Andrew Stockdale: The song marks the comeback of guitar-god Slash, and though it doesn’t pack the punch I expected it to as the first single released by Slash on his solo debut, its got sparks. Slash is phenomenal as usual and my favorite riffs are those that begin with the song. I don’t love Andrew Stockdale much, but this is one song where I flip my opinion just a little. I just wish Slash could sing!

There you have it. A few miniscule, quick notes on the songs I download. I hope this brings us closer as reader and blogger, cause I loved giving you a little insight on my inner brain functions! 

Peace out. <3

Ridz Chakraborty


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