A New Meaning to the Word ‘FABULOUS’: Jeffree Star

Many a time in life there comes a moment, place, object or person who grabs our attention and refuses to let go. This has happened to me only a few, rare times, but the one who really grabbed my reins and steered me towards themselves was Jeffree Star. Is there any doubt about how he did it? Maybe just looking the way he does, and walking the way he walks and gives me such a bitchy glare from his new music video, ‘Beauty Killer’ enraptured me. Who knows? All I know is that I can’t stop watching the dam vid!

Yes, before you ask, I know that he is man in woman’s clothing and make-up, but you know what? He’s got guts. I’m a girl and I couldn’t pull off his look. He does it with a certain grace and flamboyance I have never seen before, not even in Adam Lambert, and that’s saying something! I’ll admit he is a bit startling to look at and take in at first, but in while one learns to appreciate his crazy taste and dazzling contacts.

It’s true the look that Star has going on shocks most people and gives countless more heart attacks, but the point is that they can’t criticize him, because they wouldn’t have the daring to do it themselves.

I find myself utterly addicted to his video for ‘Beauty Killer’ from his first studio album ‘Beauty Killer’. The song has this eccentric feel to it which is perfectly complemented by Star dressed in different wigs and make-up, and also in a gorgeous, tight, minidress [not to mention high-heels to die for]. I love the contact lenses that give him a slightly ethereal look, and watch out for the pink wig which completely highlights his beauty. The video also has Star’s best friend Daniel Lucas in an extremely hot cameo… naked. Star is definitely a flavor to beware of, and spicy one at that. Mix in a huge dose of cotton candy, and you have yourself a rare and delectable treat!

I love the song’s electro beat, and especially the part where he goes ‘I may be easy/ Easy to hate/ But you’re so f***ing easy/ Easy to break.’ It’s got attitude, and team that with Star’s racy look, exquisite tattoos and addictive voice, you have yourself a true STAR.

Jeffree Star was born  Jeffrey Lynn Steininger and gained fame on Myspace by posting outrageous photos and comments and blogging about his life. He calls himself ‘the Queen of Myspace’ and was officially recognised as the most connected personality on Myspace in 2007. He knew from a very young age that he was gay, and started wearing make-up and women’s clothing in junior high. He would frequently go out and party during the weekends, wearing tight minidresses and ‘nine-inch heels’. This led to Star receiving a lot of attention and began getting hired as a celebrity make-up artist and model. Star’s debut ‘Plastic Surgery Slumber Party’ topped the iTunes’ dance and electronics charts, way above Justin Timberlake and Cascada. After that came ‘Cupcakes Taste Like Violence’ and then the outrageous and delicious ‘Beauty Killer’.

I definitely look up to Jeffree Star and admire the way he has built up his career to such heights at such a young age. He’s only 24. [It also helps that our birthdays are on the same day. Nov 15th. :) ] He inspires me to be strong and reminds me everyday that being different is BEAUTIFUL. Love you, Jeffree. <3

He has also been in many music videos, including Good Charlotte’s ‘The River’ and Metro Station’s ‘Shake it’. He has lots of tattoos adorning his lithe body, many of which have been done by the captivating Kat Von D of LA Ink. They are in fact fast friends.

He has also released a fragrance called ‘Fierce’ which I am DYING to buy and try!!Here’s to the ‘Queen Bitch’ who’s taking over young hearts and giving them a hell of a make-over. Jeffree Star doesn’t need to prove anything. He is music royalty without even trying. Sure gives Lady Gaga a run for her money, doesn’t he? With that eye-make-up I’m saying hell yeah, bitches! >.< 


This is the link to the music video for ‘Beauty Killer’, my favourite—->http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLBHooqolaw

Watch out for the Princess Diana tattoo! :D

You can link up with Jeffree on Myspace, Facebook, Twitter and Buzznet.

Cheers <3

Ridz Chakraborty

P.S- I would like to thank Jeffree Star directly for some of the photos from his Facebook profile. Love you, Jeffree. :)


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