Ladies and Gentlemen… We Have A Winner! Or Maybe its Just a boost to their ego… :P

I had put up my Mystery Artist competion a few weeks ago, and was waiting desperately for my ‘knight in shining armour’ of sorts to come along… In other words, the the braniac among my charming fans who would be intelligent enough to guess the answer correctly! After sweating about various problems and the possible failure entirely of my Mystery Artist program, my sigh at the winner’s answer was a very happily heaved synonym for ‘relief’.

Its funny how close to the heart answers lie… The winner of the competition for April is a classmate of mine, and one of my best friends.

NIVEDITA THOMAS wins the Mystery Artist quiz for the month of April 2010! After not much contemplation, her inborn passion for music [or fashion. I dont really know which applies in this case] kicked in and delivered the answer…


She started off as the only girl in a band of four, the band being No Doubt. [The band’s name was the third clue… :D ]

No Doubt

She founded the fashion label ‘L.A.M.B.’, which stands for ‘Love. Angel. Music. Baby.’ based on one of her solo albums’ title.

The album cover of L.A.M.B.

Design of the fashion label, based on Gwen’s personal style.

In other words.. NIVY, GOT IT.

So, as I had promised, here’s a ‘Cookie’.

As a reward[Cookie], Nivedita gets to pick the next song/artist/album for me to review. She can pick anything for me to give my viewpoints on. Whether I rip apart the song/artist/album or give it glory, is entirely upto me. :)

As quick as she is, Nivedita has already told me her choice. She wants me to review the hit Jason Mraz song, ‘I’m Yours’ and give the public my own take.

So there you have it. My question has a winner and a ‘Ridz Cookie’! [That’s what I call my prizes]. Hope you’re looking forward to reading more about Nivedita’s choice. I know I’m thrilled about writing it…. :P

At this point I would also like to mention Nivedita is my brain twin and has a soft spot for Tom Kaulitz, the identical twin of my true love, Bill Kaulitz. :D I simply couldn’t let that go unsaid.

Tom and Bill. <3

Psychotically signing out… <3


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