Clues Lead To Cookies… AND Revelations! :P

Hey Everyone!

So sorry for yet another epic gap. This time, it was almost as long as the Ramayana, and I REALLY am sorry!

I’ve been having  my art board exam the past weeks and not to mention English Literature yesterday and Psychology tomorrow!

I swear, sometimes I get the notion-that could be completely ridiculous that all my teachers think that theirs is the ONLY subject I’m doing. This calls for some onomatopoeia… AAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!! >.<


Anyway, moving on….

I had promised to supply you all with a series of mind-boggling clues as to the identity on a certain Mystery Artist I am going to write on. The person who guesses correctly before the deadline…. WHICH IS THE NINTH OF APRIL…. gets to pic an artist/song/album of their choice, and I will write about it, including the winner’s name and photograph[optional] :)

SO here’s the first clue…… Drrrumm rolll please!!!


1. This woman made her debut as the only girl in a band of four….

There you go. Give me your suggestions if you think you know who it is by commenting on this article.

If no one gets it, I will put up the next clue this weekend… :)

Let the bloodbath begin.

Cheers…. <3


One Comment Add yours

  1. yaante de cox says:

    really nice work ! :Di love readin ur blog !! :P

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