My ‘Undisclosed Desires’, and How You Can Contact Me With Your Opinions… Really.

Today I realised that I really am in love. Well, actually it was last night while lying in a deliciously soft bed of a 5-star delux hotel, but same difference really. I had a dream about him again. It was a beautiful dream, so realistic that while I was in his arms, I could feel the temperature of his skin, the fluidity of his hair, the beat of his heart under my palm… Oh God!! It was one of the most intoxicating feelings, that heartbeat! Thinking about it now gets my pulse running, my breath heating up and my hormones shooting high sky! His breath smelled like… well, smoke to be honest, but it was quite nice. I think I’m losing it here.  Let me tell you about this dream in a saner manner…

I was in Mumbai at dusk [as I am now] and I was in the car with my family, when I looked out the window and saw him simply walking on the road, in all his dazzling beauty. I screamed his name and smashed the glass of my car window. He stoppped and turned to look. I leaped out, ignoring the hysterically angry screams from my mother, and bounded up to him. I stood there, out of breath and my hair a mess and he looked at me with his beautiful eyes.

“Hi.” I said. “I’ve been waiting for you.” Yeah, yeah.. I know, it was pretty cheesy. But he smiled!!

“I know.” he replied in that voice like honey and accent cuter than any I had ever heard. “I know…” He then took me into his arms, and kept that gorgeous smile on his face. He was warm and smelled really nice… A perfume that was tangy and sweet at the same time… My hands wound around his slim waist, his silky hair carressed my face, and I couldnt believe that it was happening to me! That I was the girl he wanted!! Then he kissed me on my lips with his luscious ones and I felt like I had died and gone to hell, cause the kiss was burning hot and intense, DEFINITELY a sin…


I wanted to be with him forever, and he promised we would never part, and if we did, he’d find me. With a huge swell of the song ‘Undisclosed Desires’ by Muse, we kissed again and everyone on the street clapped. Of course then, I woke up and he slipped through my fingers to join the train of dreams that circle my brain continueously, day and night.

Mumbai at Dusk

Pshaw. Explains why I have a ‘love/hate’ relationship with my dreams. Love them for bringing him to me, and hate them because as sweet as they are, they decieve me and trap me into an endless pit of displeasure of waking up and not having him by my side.


Ah well, another dawn another day of longing. :(

The question is… Do you know who he was?? ;)
Here’s a clue…

image-1-20090721183728-243_700.jpg image by tokiohotelamerica

Who’s the person you dream about? How do they make you feel? Sad, ecstatic, sick, horny, [<— That was naughty wasn’t it? xD] hungry, angry… WHATEVER!

Tell me, I really would LOVE to know! ^^

Also, please do check out this song by Muse, ‘Undisclosed Desires’. Seems to be about sex on the literal level, but reading deeper into it, its really about longing for someone who you want but can’t have. Who you push to a pedestal which leads to YOUR fall. SO the story of my life! :/

Anyway, have fun dreaming.

Cheers. <3

PS: You can mail me at :) Obviously.


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