Bill Kaulitz: The Guy Who Lived… Glitz, Glamour, Heartbreak, Anorexia, Vegetarianism and that INCREDIBLY SEXY Hair! >.<

First of all I’d like to apologize for the gaps between my blogs the size of the great Wall of China. The thing is with school starting, homework, and my trip to Mumbai, I’m not getting any bonding time with my laptop. The pressure is beating down on my head to get you guys a decent blog, but the thing is I am helpless. I am VERY sorry and will try to avoid this as much as possible! Now, on to the article! :)

I don’t think there is any need for me to declare to you [as this is certainly no confession] that I was, am and always will be perpetually in love with the FABULOUS BILL KAULITZ, front man of German band Tokio Hotel, and world fashion icon. People have asked me why, being so in love with him, I haven’t done an article on him yet. So here it is, ladies and gentlemen…. The Truth Behind Bill’s Wall.


What led me to love this phenomenal man? Well, I have to say that it was his smile, and the hit song ‘Monsoon’ from Tokio Hotel’s début album in English, ‘Scream’, released in 2007.

Over the years there has been much speculation on the gender, sexual orientation and mental health of Bill Kaulitz. I can go on saying positive happy things like ‘Shiny Happy People’ about him, but the truth is that sometimes, we have to let the world see the bad to see the truth at the end. Maybe its easy for us to forget that he is after all just a nice guy plagued by certain issues.

First, the gay issue:

OKAY. Now, I want to clarify here that his sexuality is NONE OF OUR BUSINESS. Him being gay is a continuous rumour that, according to Bill, “comes up every year.” He seems a little delicate, but really, there’s nothing wrong with that. So he’s delicate, so he wears make-up, so he has fake eyelashes, so he’s beautiful, but SO WHAT? To his fans [including me] he’s the hottest thing since David Bowie.

Why torture another human being just because they’re different? Having being called a Lesbian myself, which I’m not, I know how Bill feels, and trust me people : It’s not a pretty feeling! Now I love gay people. I am a gay rights activist and some of my best friends are gay, but they’ll agree with me when I say that there’s nothing great about being labelled with something you’re not, whether its sexuality, personality, or anything else.

But calling someone gay ‘because they look it’? Wake up! There’s no such thing as ‘looking or acting gay’. People who just make empty judgments are shallow and have no heart. Superficiality is everything to them; from the air they breathe, to the food they eat, to the shit they excrete: of course, it’s all so beautiful.

Next: The Anorexia issue:

Okay this one had me baffled too, I admit. I doubted him. I doubted that he ate the right things, slept at the right time… Infact, I felt that it was all a big lie. I did believe Bill was anorexic. It wasn’t just me, though. Tons of fans and non-fans did too, and some still do so even after he clarified that he’s perfectly healthy and does not have any eating disorders.

But when proof lies in front of your eyes, what must you believe? He’s only 20 years old and possibly a victim.

I flinch every time I see this picture.  It hurts me deep inside. It was taken in 2009.

Needless to say, many fans are furious with him about this. They’ve even started hunger strikes among themselves to make him eat! [Outrageous? You don’t know the half of it!]

He recently said in an interview that he’s not got an eating disorder, but no matter what he eats, he never gains weight.  If he’s being honest, then I wish I was that lucky.When my family and friends discuss his skinny figure, most of them never fail to mention that he might be the next Michael Jackson. Yes, we loved Michael. But we lost him. Please don’t let that happen, Bill. Don’t be one of those people who destroy themselves.

Maybe it’s got something to do with the fact that he’s been a vegetarian for the past 1.5 years. [I tried, but didn’t last a week.]



It’s no secret that Bill Kaulitz is single and desperately seeking love. He says he wants to fall in love but can’t due to his busy schedule and constantly being surrounded by the media and bodyguards. He’s had a couple of girlfriends, but just hasn’t found the right one yet. Who can blame him? He’s also not the ‘one-night stand’ kind of guy, which is something that CANNOT be said for his identical twin brother Tom, and believes in a committed relationship. [A guy like that is one in a million.]

But when love knocks on his door, will he open it? Is he closed to the idea deep inside? There is a tremendous hold full of love he keeps bottled up, just waiting to detonate. Perhaps he is afraid that when he DOES love a someone, they’ll break his heart, so he stays away from relationships subconsciously. Keeps the bottle tightly corked. Maybe that’s why he hasn’t found love. Again, just a theory. I’m sure he will, though. When he finds them, I’m sure that bottle with burst with a shower of sparks dazzling enough to blind the entire world.

Bill and Tom

They’ve been in the spotlight from the age of 2 till 20. The only twins who beat that are the Olsen twins.

Bill, Tom, and a glass piano…

Bill and Tom have always been a great team. From the time they were seven years old they were interested in music and over the years, they have established themselves as one of the sexiest, richest, and most talented pair of twins on the planet. Every Tokio Hotel fan has their favorite twin, and as much as I love Tom, Bill wins my favoritism. I can’t get enough of his smile.

Can anyone resist that pout????

The point of the matter is, that no matter how much we love someone, how much we want to believe that they are okay and nothing’s going to happen to them, we are kidding ourselves. Everybody has demons. Demons they hide inside of them and subconsciously feed. Appearance. Lack of love. Issues with identity. These are crises we ALL have faced or must face. Bill Kaulitz, ladies and gentlemen, faces no less. He is one of us. These pressures are then added to the weight he carries of being famous and the entire planet watching him. Imagine, I found his grandma’s pet-name for him on the internet. Would you like your grandma’s pet name for you revealed to billions of people, accessable at the click of a button? Come on. Give a guy a break.


He’s my idol so PLEASE watch out if I ever hear you insult him :)

Love you Bill. Thanks for being you. <3

:: Beats for Thought::

Their Latest Single, ‘World Behind My Wall’ A must see!–>

A THTV Episode [funny] —>

Another one where they dance around and generally act like clowns…  —>

I would also like to credit an image I used in this article to this Deviant Art account.. Thank you.. :) —->

*NOTE: Since this article has been recieving a lot of attention and mixed comments, I would like to state that the views expressed on Bill’s sexuality and relationships are mine alone, and I cannot say I know exactly what’s going on in his life and in his mind. He is after all an individual leading his life the best way he can. Also, when he does begin to date I will be happy and I urge all fans to be happy for him… :) He’s human and needs someone special in his life. Another thing, I have recieved some comments describing detailed sex-scenes with Bill. -_-‘  May I remind everyone that this is NOT Literotica, guys! If you post such a comment I will have to delete it out of respect to my other readers and Bill.


Ridz <3


39 Comments Add yours

  1. Devina says:

    WOW. I’m quite impressed. I never gave a thought about Bill suffering from anorexia. I always thought he was born like that. Anyway,I agree with you on every note you said. I hate it when people call him gay just because of his appearance. AS IF a guy who has a short hair can’t be gay. Bah.

    & oh,
    I love Bill ♥
    His smile is so adorable.

  2. Thank yeww!!!
    Yesh yesh, BILLISGORGEOUS and everyone should BEJEALOUS!!!
    Yeah, I went through a lot of interviews of him and stuff to get my data….
    He IS my true love, so he’s worth the effort!! ^^
    Thanks for the comment… <3

  3. Swati says:

    heyyy….i gta say…de i am sorry face is adooorable!!! :D
    lol nobody can be mad after tht!!
    ohhhh….n vryyy informative to all bill kaulitz fans…
    maybe aftr a few more months of ur bill talks i can also classify myself as one..hehe…not yet tho….toooooo thin :P
    keep going lyk dis babe!!! love u looaadddzzz <3

  4. Thanks SOOO much Swati!
    Don’t worry, I’ll convince you… ;)
    Love you too. :D

  5. Chelle says:

    I am pretty sure Bill has anorexia. No 20 year old has legs that dang skinny. Yes, some ppl are naturally just skinny, but he can’t use that excuse as we have all seen him with more weight on him, which made him look a lot better. Ever since whoever decided to change their music and their look, Bill has looked sadder and sadder. I think he is a gorgeous guy, but he needs to eat, go back to the T-shirt and blue jeans, and cut back on make-up. Everytime I look up a video on Youtube, I get more and more irritated. The last one I seen was a concert and he was wearing something Lady gaga would wear. I want the old Bill back!!!!

    1. Chelle,
      At this point we can only speculate on Bill’s eating habits, but yes, I agree that ‘No 20 year old has legs that dang skinny’! I love the way you put it.
      I see I am not the only one who has noticed Bill’s recent and slow, steady steps into silence and what could be deppression.
      I actually like seeing Bill decked up in all his marvellous new outfits. I am EXTREMELY jealous of his flawless skin and amazing skill at putting on make-up. I think its the one thing he actually seems excited about these days, and I’m glad he’s getting the chance to explore a new, creative side of himself. It would be nice to see him put on a little weight, though. In terms of his mood and demeanour though, yes I do miss the old Bill. Sometimes he seems like a completely different person than the one I first saw those five years ago.

      Much regards,
      Ridz Chakraborty <3

  6. Dark Angel says:

    That picture that you said makes you flinch is horrible. However, as someone who has also suffered from an eating disorder and continues to battle it’s influence, I can completely empathize with Bill IF he indeed is a sufferer. When I first discovered Tokio Hotel, I found myself extremely jealous of the enormous fame and success that they have achieved at such a young age. Principally, I envied Bill’s beauty above all else. As time has passed, I have become aware of the almost forensic and microscopic attention that is paid to their every action and now feel that that must surely be one of the most uncomfortable experiences that anyone can go through. In addition, I don’t think I would ever grow to like the endless press conferences and interviews that they are interminably forced to endure. That manner of pressure must have an impact on their psyches, especially that of their exotic frontman who bears the lion’s share of the attention. The comparison you make with Michael Jackson is an astute one. The parallels are undeniable. I just hope Bill realizes that we know that he is human and that he will have his flaws and problems. Speaking personally, it would have absolutely no effect on my admiration for Bill if he revealed that he was a homosexual or that he suffered from anorexia. To be frank, I cannot understand how revelations of that nature could detract from his popularity in any way. If anything, those revelations would increase my respect for him as the bravery and honesty required to make revelations of that kind would surely be monumental. It does, however, pain me to think that he has to hide his true identity from the world as a result of the prejudiced judgement of some of his fans. What I love most about Bill is his natural beauty, his unique sense of style, his melodious singing voice and his playful personality. None of these aspects of his character are in any way effected by his sexual orientation or health. It’s such a shame to think that even some of those who adore him would not be able to accept him for who he is. All of this said, Bill maintains that he is neither anorexic or homosexual and I will take him at his word. He has brightened up my life and inspired me to be the best that I can be. I just hope that there are no walls standing between him and true happiness.
    If you read this Bill, know that there are people in this world who love you for who you are and not for who they want you to be. And thank you for lighting up my world.

    1. Dark Angel,
      Thank you so much for sharing your views on the matter. It makes my heart swell to see someone who cares about Bill so much, just the way I do.
      Indeed, I think if its one thing we share, its the fact that Bill Kaulitz is and always will be an inspiration to us both. I agree that Bill has a lot of courage; even to walk down the street wearing what he wears takes a lot of guts, something NOBODY else is capable of. Yes, its true the band are under a lot of pressure to meet the demands that fans all over are putting up, and this has had a lot of impact on Bill, who is considered ‘the face of TH’. Just the fact that he has not gone insane or resorted to drugs is sheer proof of the bravery and morale in that man. Having harboured my own dreams of becoming a singer and performing, I find it difficult to cope even with the local attention after my performances, let alone on a global scale!
      I agree that Bill’s popularity will not take a hit even if he does turn out to be homosexual or anorexic. You are right when you say that admiration will rise due to him being open and courageous enough to admit it. Sexuality has nothing to do with talent and I feel it something that everone must understand. Bill’s personality is bright and wonderfully infectious, and I think THAT is what matters and NOT the number of sequins or the amount of make-up he wears. Its time the world woke up.

      Thank you for taking so much time and effort into writing out what you feel. If Bill does read this at any point of time, I am positive he will appreciate it and understand the love his fans have for him.
      Much regards,
      Ridz Chakraborty <3

  7. 0kaulitzgirl0 says:

    How could anyone not like him????? I mean yeah he might be a little feminine looking but hes still extremely sexy and he has a great personality. he has georgeous eyes and his voice is enchanting. I’ve always loved brown eyes. hes not anyrexic. hes not gay.

  8. kanika says:

    well……u have really cleared off my doubt!!!! I used to initially think dat Bill actually suffered from anorexia…..and i was highly scared when i saw da symptoms of da same on da net!!!!btw…… I don’t think we need a reason or so to love Bill and Tom….they are just fabulous!!! Last but not da least……ur article completely ROCKED!!!!! Keep up da good work…… :)

  9. tjetjing says:

    remember to credit the painted pics of bill

  10. Ambeany says:

    It’s nice to encounter true fans, who like myself ‘love’ Bill for who he is, flaws and all. Fans who will and do accept him as he is and who do not expect him to live up to ludicrous idea’s and expectations as to what he should do, act, say, or be.

  11. Brittnie says:

    Pftttttttttttt i love this man with alllll my heart id do anything just to meet him once (agrees his smile is indeed amazing) And he is not anorexic that figure is perfect id love to be that weight (im lose but nooooooooot quite there) and being a vegitarian is indeed difficult but i do eat meat and no matter what ieat ike him i cannot gain weight I LOVE U BILL KAULITZ!!!!!

  12. JeydonisMINE says:

    Bill is my favorite twin!!! But i love Tom too! Ugh so confusing! Georg has the same birthday as me too!! Its pretty effin sweet! :P

  13. Pixel says:

    I love this article! All of it (in my opinion) was so true! I respect and love Bill and Tokio Hotel for being different and sometimes it seems like I’m the only one >.< but thanks for writing this- Its great!

  14. daphne says:

    nice post :D

    but where did you get the picture of bill shielding his eyes?

  15. annonymous says:

    uhhh bill kaulitz iz not single

    1. Well, I would urge you to look at the date of my post. If he is dating someone, it is after I posted this article So he was single at the time I wrote it.
      Ridz C.

  16. Liz says:

    Lol, found this post by random & had to share my thoughts!

    Right on. Great speculations gathered from a dedicated fan, it’s nice to see that kind of support, and I think as ridiculous as these new MTV OMA awards are, it is true that Tokio Hotel certainly has the best fans.

    Regarding the gay rumors, there is something Dave Chapelle once said that always makes me think of Bill’s situation. It goes something like, “Just because someone dresses a certain way doesn’t mean they ARE a certain way, it’s true, don’t ever forget it–but ladies you have to understand, that shit is CONFUSING.”

    Granted, this was referring to women dressing like hookers & then being angry when men hit on them (hah), but I think the concept applies to Bill’s feminine image vs. why people accuse him of being gay. People should also remember the record label can have a lot of say in dictating a band’s image. Bill Kaulitz stands out and isn’t bothered by criticism, and that’s what matters.

    P.S I am dying to see a video of this glass piano performance

    1. Hey thanks so much for your comment!
      Its great to see so much support for TH and Bill, and you’re right: We are the best fans. ;)
      You have a very good point; people have to understand that the way people dress is their own choice and its not harming anyone.
      Haters just need to get a life.
      I’ll mail you some links to the glass piano concert. They were performing ‘Zoom Into Me’ in Berlin. :)

      1. Liz says:

        Definitely great to see world-wide support for them, no matter how much their look or sound changes. I mean the level of their maturity when it comes to accepting haters is inspiring really, Bill makes a lot of good points about dealing with the life your choose, and how it’s better to have people talk about you–negative or positive–rather than not talk about you at all.

        Actually I found some videos on youtube of this piano performance–I had no idea it was 3D! I love it, thanks for letting me know more info on it, or I’d never have found it!

      2. It’s one of my favourite performances of theirs… Bill looks positively radiant!

        I’m glad that you are another fan who will stand by TH no matter what. In fact my next piece is on fans… Do subscribe and have a look when I publish it… Us Aliens are featured, so you might like it. :)

        Thanks so much for your support. :D <3 I love your insights.

  17. Marlenne says:

    I know this guy that has skinny legs and all around is skinny and whatever he eats he does not gain a pound so I dont think Bill has an eating disorder.

    1. Marlenne,
      I am positive that he does not have an eating disorder right now but at the time when this article was written he had lost an astonishing amount of weight which did raise a couple of eyebrows. Luckily we can thank God and be grateful about the fact that he no longer seems to be losing weight and is in fact gaining muscle and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I say it’s because of the yogurt. ;)

  18. ME says:

    you should see him now:) he look healthy and he put on some weight!!

    1. I know, darling. This post is almost 2 years old. :)

  19. meghana.r says:

    Ridz! you go girl…………just <3 bill nw!

    1. Thank you!! :)

      He’s pretty amazing isn’t he? :p

  20. bill kaulitz isn’t gay all people have a diffrend character and diffrend stiling ALL LOVES BILL KAULITZ <3

  21. Laura says:

    I sometimes read stories about how Bill would be the slutty twin and so on but I just can’t believe that and I think it’s sick how people can say things about people that they don’t even know… Bill Kaulitz is also my idol and I hate how some people talk about him. Ofcourse I don’t know him but I have this feeling about him, and it’s a good feeling. <3

  22. Infinité_Void says:

    ….You have no idea how much some guys wish he was gay =P

    1. I actually think he is gay. Or at the very least bi. :)

  23. Nicola Ward says:

    hey so this must be an old blog but just wanted to say Bill has found his true love. me! lol don’t we all wish. i too love him so much and you seem cool and liked reading your views. i added you on instagram if that’s ok. do you still love him?

    1. Thanks for your comment, Nicola. Yes, this is a very old blog post, almost 4 years old! I definitely do still love him very very much, but I think it’s more admiration than being ‘in’ love with him now. :)
      Thanks so much for following me on Instagram and I’m so sorry for such a late response.
      Do subscribe to my blog for more posts about TH and music! :D

  24. louisa says:

    4 years and you still answered! This just proves how much inspiration tokio hotel give their fans.

    It’s 2016 and honestly for me it was more the music i cared about as i have never heard anyone make such great music, so i wasnt really interested in their personal life but i am sure everyone can say their songs give strength and motivation like nothing else! Especially seeing someone daring to stand out that much from the crowd and “go their own way”. However no matter how little interest someone had for Tokio hotel as persons, it wasnt really as if you could escape hearing rumors and stuff about them all the time, usually always by people who hated them for no other reason than them being known and famous.

    Today in 2016 they have changed even more, Kings of suburbia is totally electronic and honestly i simply dont like the songs no matter how many times i forced myself to listen hoping i will get used to it, but i can assure you i still listen to everything from humaniod and before that now 10 years after i first heard of them!

    The definitely most important message Tokio hotel gave me back then was “dont give a damn what others think” and by them daring to stand like that infront of so so many people both a lion mane, make up and whatever else made them all stand out, proved that it could be done.

    Sometimes i DO think maybe its just a job, they are just doing it for money, and we shouldnt read that much into the songs and make them give us life inspiration, since after all that is what gets them bread on the table. However im sure they could earn alot by all kinds of other stuff. The biggest thing i respected tokio hotel for was that they never fell into the box of using half naked women in their videos just to get people to watch. They certainly were one among few that actually tried using talent to get fans rather than selling half naked people!

    Which in the end prooves they are taking no short cuts ever! And doing what they think is right.

    1. Comments like yours give me life, Louisa. It was amazing to read this, it made my day. And yeah, answering on a post from four years ago is definitely testament to how much they still inspire me every day haha. I’ve been a fan 10 years too and their message of ‘don’t give a damn of what others think’ is something I still apply to everyday life. KOS wasn’t my favourite album either (mine is Zimmer 483 ;) ) but the fact that it made them happy to experiment with their music is lovely! I feel now more than ever they are doing it for the music rather than it being a job because they have the money now, (Bill alone is supposedly worth $30 million!) they can afford to take it easy, but they don’t. So don’t worry! It’s great to see meaning in their work because they are putting it out there and it’s a part of who they are. You’re so right that they never take short-cuts!

      Although I do want to see a little more stuff similar to their older albums, I also want to see them try more and more new things, experiment how much ever they want. I know that no matter what they do I’ll always love them because what makes me love them is what they mean to me, even now in 2016 :D

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