Kate Havnevik Likes to Be Unlike You…

Kate Havnevik: As unusual as her name, she gives me a sense of complete peace. The first song I ever heard of hers is a beauty called ‘Unlike Me’. Anyone ever heard it? If you have, boy do I applaud you, because as lovely as her voice is she is too contemporary for the pop-electro-dance loving era of today and is therefore not VERY well known….

I actually first heard ‘Unlike Me’ after my mom downloaded it after hearing a sample on the TV series, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. If you type in ‘Grey’s Anatomy Soundtrack’ in your music download software’s search engine, I can assure that you will recieve a vast selection of comtemporary, easy listening, and soft rock to satisfy that love-sick part of you

This song is personally very close to me, as it belongs to one of the most breathtakingly beautiful moments of my life.

You see, I live in Kerala, God’s Own Country, and YES it is AMAZINGLY beautiful [if a little lacking in malls and KFC and such…] and it was on a night on a houseboat with my family and friends that I had an epiphany of  sorts: Life is a beautiful thing. We spent the whole day laughing our butts off at our attempt at playing Tabboo [My team actually won! ^^] and then, when the sun had set and the little kids were busy watching ‘Kung Foo Panda’ my parents, their friends, and I sat on the open deck of the houseboat, which had laid anchor at the very centre of the lake, and listened to music from the 80’s ; ZZ Top, Boy George, Guns N Roses, you name it we were listening to it!! The sound of electro-pop and punk rock echoed across the silvery lake’s surface and our voices joined the melody flitting across the dark night…

At about one in the morning, when everyone was tired and had retired to their rooms, my father and I stayed up, talking, he having his favorite cigar in hand and me my iPod. Then, we fell silent and just gazed at and apprecitaed the sheer beauty of the entire lake glowing platinum with the moonlight washing out all other colours around us. The stars were clearly visible, and we could see no light, no proof of human existance anywhere other than on the boat. It was like the boat was all that was left of the world. That is when I switched on my iPod to ‘Unlike Me’. It fit perfectly. The moment was complete.

“There are no guaruntees in life, not for the present, nor for the future.” Havnevik crooned into my ears, making me understand how brief and fragile our entire existance is.  I felt comfy and floaty, like I was floating underwater and all other sounds had ceased. As I closed my eyes and felt the cool breeze carried over the lake, I knew I was happy…

“There is no time…

There is no time…

There is no time….

Time doesn’t really exist.” – Kate Havnevik, ‘Unlike Me’.


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