Amy Winehouse: The Girl Who Was Lost, And Why To Rehab She Had To Go Go Go…

Amy Winehouse. A woman who’s voice is truly what I call ORIGINAL. Has anyone else heard as bluesy and jazzy a voice, with SO much emotion and a touch of drunken valour? She sounds like she’s been through alot and his now singing her heart out, pouring her emotions and anger into every piece she writes, which I found very true of her second studio album [My personal favorite] 2006’s ‘Back To Black‘. She mixes Jazz, Rock n Roll, Ska and Soul to create her very own bit of funk. :P

File:Amy Winehouse 2.jpg

For example the song, ‘Love Is A Losing Game’…. How much truth does the title itself impose?? In the song Winehouse explores the dangers of ‘gambling’ but here of course she means that love is the game that you play. She says that ‘love is a losing hand’ and she does not blame the man for leaving her, and thus abandoning their relationship. [Its what I see in the song. Please feel free to interpret in your own way! :) ] Prince actually covered the song live, and had performed it WITH Amy.

Prince <3

Even the hit song ‘Rehab’ is about her experience with drugs. She begs that she is fine and does not need to go into rehabilitation. However drug and alcohol abuse have been constant problems in Winehouse’s life, which even led her to financial debt before the release of ‘Back To Black’ and the arrest of her husband, Blake Fielder-Civil. She has since then been involved in many arrests and stints on the red carpet and beyond for unacceptable behaviour. Such talent, and yet she is drugged out of her mind…. :/

Hmm…. Caption NOT needed.

I enjoy listening to Amy, because I think that her songs have real substance. They aren’t empty, yet they are simple; they describe situations. She takes on different personalities that are all in the end one entity: HER.

If you listen to ‘Back To Black’, the song, you drink deep into it because the narrator is simply explaining that he has left her for another woman, or tha he was having an affair with her, but then decides to go back to his wife. She [the narrator] is still in love with him and does not want to move on. She will go back to her dreary way of living before she met him. She will go ‘back to black’ and into the memories of the times she shared with him and live there. A broken soul pleads pity and love from the listener. Winehouse mangages to rip your heart out of your chest and then cradle it to herself, singing it a lullaby and then putting it to bed in a happy place. Sounds more like a description of a snort of cocain, but its true. Even her happier songs, like the lesser known ‘Valerie’ have a short zip of something that immediately relaxes you. Try giving them a listen. If you like Etta James, Lily Allen, Jamie Cullum, Macy Gray, Duffy, Norah Jones or other artists similar, you’ll definitely like Amy’s soft and slightly prose-like tone.

Jamie Cullum, one of my favorites! :)

Norah Jones


I’m a big fan of R&B. I feel Amy Winehouse has been one of the BIGGEST contributers to this aspect of music, and should be wholly appreciated for it. Her personal life has become to much of an interferance to her career and she has let herself become a carnival of scandals for the paparazzi.

Amy and the paps. :/

Somewhere in all that madness, she lost who she was. She lost her physical and mental state of health, leading to fights with her family and her husband, divorce, depression, drugs and then finally, REHAB. She ruined herself physically, and almost lost her life in early 2008 because of drug abuse. If I had so many Grammy wins [she has five] and that much fame and fortune and the voice to boot [this is where Miley Cyrus goes wrong] I wouldn’t want to risk it all the way Amy did. I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t just throw it all away. Would you? For that momentary bliss when you take a drug?

Look at her transformations over the years. Keep in mind that today, she is still only 26 years old.

Amy in school.

What the drugs did.

Really makes you wonder, doesnt it?

:: Beats for thought::

The music vid for ‘Rehab’ –>

The music vid for ‘Back To Black’—>

The live music vid for ‘Love Is A Losing Game’. You’ll see how drugged she is in this vid :(


Psychotically signing off… <3


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