The ‘hoo-ha’ About Taylor Swift and Why I Want To Stab Myself In The Head. :)

What I dont get, is the big hoo-ha about Taylor Swift.  I mean okay, the first song the girl came up with was pretty good. I’ll give her the second as well…. She can sing real nice, and she’s a multi-award winning artist, who’s albums have gone Platinum multiple times, and she earns 18$ million a year. Not bad for a twenty year old, eh?

I really liked ‘Teadrops On My Guitar’. It was sweet, mellow and had a good story; Boy meets girl, girl falls for boy, boy falls for cheerleader and girl hopes he stays happy because she loves him so much. Happens to ALL girls at SOME point of our lives. Well, unless you’re the cheerleader. :/ Taylor got the whole ‘I’m a teen so I can relate’ thing down really well. I liked her for that… :)

 BUT when they started playing ‘Love Story’ on every single music channel, radio station, restaraunt and country I’ve ever been to, things got a little out of hand for the space of my brain labelled ‘Sanity’. It was simple. I lost it. Add that with her going out with the face of Twilight [which I’ve also heard TOO much about, as much as I like the whole vampire thingy. Vampires appeal to my morbidity.] Taylor Lautner, and you’ve got yourself ‘the girl who’s SO perfect, we all wish we were her’.  Not. I used to actually switch off the TV when  they played that song. Seriously. We have ourselves another Disney princess.  Young, impulsive and eager to have ‘a happily ever after’ at 20! :P

There’s Cinderella. There’s Sleeping Beauty. There’s The Little Mermaid….  And now, there’s Taylor Swift. :P Nothing personal, Taylor. You’re just really repetitive, and I think a pinch of originality is required here! The good girl thing is really old…. :/ Please follow Dolly Partan’s example:

 On second thought…. PLEASE DONT! :/

Most her [Taylor’s] songs are about how the boy should be hers and everyone is so mean to take him away. ON TOP OF THAT, he himself can’t see that he’s supposed to be hers. [The last part is the story of my life. My true love is in some other country and PROBABLY does not know I exist. Feh.]  Have you HEARD “You Belong With Me”?  She’s GOT her man. She doesnt need to worry about that! :P

 The ‘Wolf’ himself, Taylor Lautner… :D

We need more of this:


Where’s that dardevil you channeled here?? X] Maybe then Kanye West wouldnt have DARED challenged you…

Dont worry, we all know he was drunk… Swigging vodka or something similar on the red carpet… Feh. Pathetic!

At least Beyonce knows where her morals lie! :)

I like the songs where she talks about her goals, her dreams, and being a strong woman, like her song ‘Picture To Burn’. Now THAT’S power, girl! :D

File:Taylor swift picture to burn.jpg

‘Romeo, take me somewhere we can be alone.’ How many of you are sick of this chorus and want to stab yourselves in the head when you hear it? Want to scream to her to get a hold of herself? Or do you REALLY like it and listen to it after you’ve fallen in love, hoping the guy will come and be your prince? [If you ARE a guy, the last question only applies if you’re gay :)] Please comment, and DO let me know. :D

 O_O I think this is TOO graphic… :/

Psychotically signing off.  X]


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Swati says:

    OOOOOHHH i agreeee!!! i sang tht song for talent’s day i agree…but only coz it was easy to memba….now im real sick of it!!!
    evn i hav been thinkin de saaame thing….she needs to bring in a diffrent concept to her songs…..theyr alll tooo similiar…..u lyk one…then yeah dis one’s aite….then…ok wasnt tht basically wat de last one was about?? lol…

    1. I know. Like I said in my post about Trance and Jay-Z… I HATE repititive songs/lyrics/music!! It pisses me off… Like Shane Dawson pissed off with his cat eating his keys pissed off! Feh. Taylor Swift NEEDS a new direction to to flutter her girly eyelashes towards…. :P

  2. yasu says:

    okay maybe i used to like it !! XD
    but it has reached the time to stop!!
    ps love ur blog!!

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