Something very ‘Vanilla Twilight’-ish about my mood right now… :/

Well, I guess the title pretty much says it all. Has anyone heard the song? For god sakes, if you haven’t SOMETHING has to have happened to you as a child… Some sort of trauma.. Anyway, I can fix it. Go listen to it like, now! Its by a group called Owl City.  No, there are NO birds in this band. -_-

I find the lead singer’s voice incredibly sweet. Its like he flirts with the listener, seriously! Turns me on a bit… Hm. Did I just type that out? Crap. :D

Here he is… Isnt he a cutie?? :P His name is Adam Young.. ADORABLE He shares his first name with another idol of mine, Adam Lambert. [Gay, but oh-so-sexeh… ;) ]

Anyway, I’m all hyper and in the mood for something sweet… The song reminds me of vanilla ice-cream EVERYTIME, and I get hungry EVERYTIME and get into a tantrum of sorts. Feh. Got to go order some ice-cream. See you guys LATER… :P


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  1. Jessie says:

    Owl City actually isn’t a group… it’s only the one guy. Though I do agree, his voice is amazingly sweet :)

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