‘Use Somebody’ by Kings Of Leon: The Reason To Love

I’m just posting my old notes and reviews before making new ones; I want to get it all sorted into my lunatic of a mind, so here goes…
Kings Of Leon

Today, we’ll start with ‘Use Somebody’ by Kings Of Leon. Heard it yet? Its as different as Jimi Hendrix’s guitar playing style and is perfectly signature to KOL…  Here’s some info on it:
On Sunday, December 7, 2008, Caleb from Kings of Leon said that at about the same time in 2007 when they were touring, they had a fall out, while in Glasgow before their concert on Monday, December 3, 2007. This is when he said “Use Somebody” was written, he credited the writing of the song to the City of Glasgow. The song is actually an apology from Caleb to his brothers and a request for forgiveness and to begin playing as a band again.

*DID YOU KNOW?*- All four members of the band are brothers:
Caleb Followil [Lead Vocals] and Nathan Followil [Drums] are bros, when Matthew Followil [Guitar] and Jared Followil[Bass] are bros. The pairs are cousins.. :D Way to live up to ‘Family Business’… O_o

What other critics said:
Gavin Haynes of NME praised the song as “easily the best 80s power ballad of 2008”.

*My Review*:

I personally think the song has the best chorus I’ve heard in a long time. You need something so raw yet gentle sometimes. And with the hip-hop scene today[which I love] let’s face it; We are losing touch of soft rock power ballads!  I love the raspy tone of Caleb’s voice… I prefer it to Chad Kroegar’s [of Nickelback]. Give it a listen to appreciate the person you love, because it makes you think about who you want as your soulmate, you know? I rate the song 4 out of five, with three <3 <3 <3… Pretty good coming from me. I’m a stingy-ass critic!

Even cooler:: —>

Paramore have covered the song on BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge. XD

Parmore performing 'Use Somebody'

On their ‘Dark Horse’ Tour, Nickelback performed a cover of the song live, and guitarist Ryan Peake sang lead vocals instead of Chad Kroeger.  [YAY! No Chad!! ^^]

Pixie Lott has performed a cover version of the song, which peaked at number 52 in the UK Singles Chart.

Former American Idol contestant, Brooke White, covered the song for her sophomore album, High Hopes & Heartbreak with a more folk sound.

Kelly Clarkson covered the song, mashing it with an Alanis Morissette song ‘That I Would Be Good’ on her 2009 tour.

A hip-hop version was crafted, featuring Houston rapper Trae. ;)

Cool eh? That’s a lot of artists paying their bit of tribute to the song….  :D Listen to it on Billboard! —>


Have fun!!!! Luvya guys… Check out the next song, ‘Bad Romance’ by Lady Gaga. BTW, Here’s my Poker Face–> -_-

Like it? :P I got some COOL things to tell you… ;)

Peace. X] <3


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  1. Deane Nocks says:

    I simply really like Lady Gaga, so adorable. We have yet to see the girl in concert. Maybe in the near future.

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