Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’ Takes Us For a Ride ♥

Hey guys,
Heeeerre I am with my second time doing this blog, and this time around I have a very special, FAMOUS and rather dazzling star to talk about. With Eccentricity as her middle name, here’s my section with Lady Gaga and her new single, ‘Bad Romance’ from her latest album, ‘Fame Monster’.

To get the drift:

The song was produced by RedOne [Who also produced ‘Just Dance’, btw. At the beginning, she actually says “RedOne”. :O ] and was inspired by the love monster (paranoia) that she had faced while touring through the previous year. [Nuts, much? Kidding.] The demo version of the song leaked, but Gaga premiered the song at Alexander McQueen’s Spring/Summer 2010 Paris Fashion Week show on October 6, 2009, followed by the release of the cover art.

The official Cover Art for ‘Bad Romance’

Deeper into it:
The song talks about exploring the joys of a bad romance while referencing Alfred Hitchcock films in some of the verses. [Don’t really know why she did that though. Significance of barbarism, maybe?? O_o]
The accompanying music video takes place in a white bathhouse where Gaga is kidnapped by a group of supermodels who drug her and then sell her off to the Russian Mafia for sexual slavery. :O The video received positive response for its innovation; Its a moral statement against selling women for sex abuse. [Way to go, Gaga!]. However, critics continue noting more its craziness and symbolic plot [Feh].  Critics really harp on, dont they? ;)

Looking really elegant for a change.. ;)

What I think:

Well, it’s definitely Lady Gaga, that’s for sure, but this time, you can’t help but notice a new flavor to her. Honestly, the song is incomplete without the video; if you don’t watch it, you won’t understand the story behind the entire shazzamm. I admire Gaga’s guts for making such a bold public statement through this song, because seriously, we women ought to start looking out for each other. The beat is DEFINITELY infectious, even though it is pretty similar to her other singles, but then look at the other songs; they’ve all reached #1 on most charts! :P
I especially love the “Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah/Roma-roma-mah/Gaga-oh-là-là” bits of it at the beginning and end. SEXEH! Not to mention that she looks great, and this is a song where you can actually note Gaga’s vocal capability. DAMN, girl!! XD

I give it a three out of five and five ♥’s!!! Great song overall, beautifully ‘gift wrapped’ with the video and its message, topped off with Gaga’s outrageously sexy style when it comes to her appearance. [TIP: Also note the sexy models, male and female, and the Great Dane she uses in every one of her vids.  :D]

What other critics said:
Bill Lamb from commented that “Lady Gaga’s singing is at its best so far here as she moves from threatening to floating sweetness and back again.”

Tim Stack from Entertainment Weekly compared some of the dance choreography of the video with the music video of “Thriller”. He said, “I don’t think Gaga has ever looked prettier than in the close-ups where she’s more stripped down. On the flip side, I love those crazy dilated pupils she sports for much of the video.”

The Wall Street Journal noted that Gaga “seems to be one of the few pop stars these days who really understands spectacle, fashion, shock, choreography—all the things Madonna and Michael Jackson were masters of in the 1980s”

‘Bad Romance’ debuted at number nine on the November 14, 2009 chart of the Billboard Hot 100, making it Gaga’s highest-debuting song on the chart, selling 142,000 paid digital downloads in its first week.[23]

After two weeks the song reached a peak of two, making it her third highest peaking song on the Hot 100 behind “Just Dance” and “Poker Face”.

The song has sold 807,000 digital downloads in the United States.[25] “Bad Romance” debuted on the Pop Songs chart at thirty-eight[26] and moved to a peak of twenty-five.[27]

On the Canadian Hot 100, it debuted at number fifty-eight.[28] The following week it reached number one, making it the third song by Gaga to top the Canadian chart.[29]

After being replaced by Ke$ha’s single “TiK ToK” for two weeks, “Bad Romance” again claimed the top spot on the chart.[30]

Talk about SUCCESS!!! XD

Well, that’s it for me!! All I can say is Gaga is in on some great action here! Imagine being compared to the likes of Madonna and MJ.. That’s when you know you’ve hit it big!! *_*

To see the video, hit:

To just hear it on Billboard:

Check out some cool pics I got of Gaga…. Gotta love her…

With Akon. ♥

Hehe…. Comment if you have any opinions!
Luv you guys!! <3

Next Time……. BEYONCE!!!! <3 :D

Next time, Beyonce with ‘Halo’… ;) ♥

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